​Like mentioned in this ​post, Yamaha's FG line is one of the oldest and most popular ones amongst all market-wide guitar lines. It's no question that they have improved with each guitar they made and this one really excells in all areas.

fg 830 review

​Our Rating

​At first sight, it appears as just another basic entry-level guitar. But it is actually much more.

​There's not much to hate about FG830. Let's take a look at some of its key features.


Hmm, I wonder which material Yamaha picked for this beauty. You guessed it - Rosewood tonewoods! Having a guitar built from those materials ensure that you get the best possible sound out of it, but also the overall tonal balance. This ​is not your average mid-level guitar and will certainly impress you.

Besides the good sound, it also looks amazing thanks to its fretboard.


​When you find a guitar that's pretty affordable, but doesn't sound cheap, you just hit a jackpot! That's exactly the case here.

If you're a beginner, or one of those people trying to play on a decent guitar, without paying for the first-tier models, then look no further. Its rich projection and overtones will sure impress you and make you ​wanna play this guitar all day long.

Even its sonic impact, which is one of the most important feature people look for in a guitar, suprised me, as I didn't expect it to be that good considering this price range.

​Final Words

​While FG830 probably isn't the guitar you want to see yourself playing in 10 years, it sure is a pretty great, if not one of the best, entry-level model. 


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