​I have been buying guitars since I can remember. But you know what the ​weird thing is? It's always harder to find a decent entry level guitar, then it is to find a premium one.

So, how's Yamaha different from other brands? They don't try to make premium guitars at entry-level price. That just doesn't make sense. Instead, they know what beginners expect - Just a decent guitar for a lower price, and they deliver it.

I've already featured this guitar on my Best Acoustic Guitars post, now let's take a closer look at this beauty.

yamaha fg800 review

​Yamaha has implemented their new bracing on this guitar, and this is really one of the defining atributes this ​model has.

The neck is pretty standard on this ​one; very smooth and comfortable.

​Our Rating

​It's obvious, Yamaha FG800 is an acoustic guitar designed specifically for beginners and musicians who are just starting out.

As a newbie, you don't neccessarely want or need a professional guitar, ​that sounds so good it ​will blow your mind. You just need one that is easy playable, that sounds decent and also doesn't look like a 25 year old left-in-the-closet-and-forgot-about-it guitar.

That's exactly what they did with this model. It is a perfect first guitar everyone can learn on, and you get exactly what you pay for. No more, no less.

Considering the price, FG800 sounds pretty good, especially when played by guitarists who know what they're doing.

Let's take a quick listen and ​hear how it sounds!

​Yamaha FG800 - Sound Review

​As you can hear, this guitar sounds very warm, pleasant to ears and that's because of its dreadnought shape. Usually, when you're paying that little for a guitar, it's bound to sound cheap. Not this on​e though!

​To me, this model sounds very balanced and smooth and I love the sound it projects.​​​ Yamaha has prioritized the well-rounded tone on this guitar and I personally love them for that! Now you have a great looking guitar with decent sound, at a very affordable price.


In terms of hardware, there's only so much you can expect from guitars in this price range. On this one, tuners are in form of standard die cast set. These actually do a pretty good job keeping the guitar in tune and you don't have to worry about retuning it after every session. 


​Material is a very important fact to consider when buying a guitar. Not only appearance, but also the sound depends on it. Here, we are looking at classic dreadnought ​design with solid Sitka spruce top and Nato back & sides. These are becoming very popular in the guitar world.


​In my honest opinion, this is as good as a guitar can be for the money. Classic Yamaha really! It's fun to play and learn on (if you're just starting out), has a great feeling and doesn't feel cheap at all. It even requires less tuning, unlike some other models where you literally have to tune it all over again after each session.


​At this price range, it's impossible to find a perfect guitar. However, the two main downfalls this one has are;

  • It's a bit harder to access the lower fretboard
  • High action

​Other than that, this guitar is pretty solid and will definitely satisfy you, if you're looking for a decent guitar, without spending a fortune.

It is very affordable, but definitely reliable as well. It's no wonder that Yamaha's FG series survived that long!



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