Where To Buy Guitars Online – Best Websites in 2019

Buying a guitar online? Here are some recommendations to make sure you make the right choice. After doing some quick Google searches and looking at discussions on Reddit, I found 4 most popular websites people use to buy guitars online.

It is still good to try guitars and any other instrument in real life first, but some people don't have that luxury. Online shopping is gaining popularity even among musicians and with the 4 stores listed below, you can't go wrong. All of those have a great customer support and are there if you need anything.

1. Amazon

My personal preference is Amazon.com. They have almost any guitar you want, and some of the best prices on the market.

Amazon is my go-to store for everything, not just guitars.

2. Reverb

The most popular one is Reverb.com. You can find used & new gear and find some of the best deals on guitars right there. People seem to prefer Reverb over any other online store and this is the reason we link out to Reverb in the majority of our guitar reviews. You can find a few Reverb reviews below.

Here you can find what users think about Reverb.com
Where should you buy a guitar online - discussion on Reddit

3. Guitar Center

The next one on our list is Guitar Center. Good online shop, and they also have local shops across the US.

Guitar center review by SSBmowen from Reddit (screenshot from reddit)

4. Sweetwater

They have an awesome customer support team and competitive prices on all music gear.

What do customers think of Sweetwater online store (taken from Reddit)

All 4 websites are good choices and you can't go wrong picking either of them. My personal preference is Amazon because I often buy used gear and also like how there are multiple listings for each product. The website looks clean and easy to navigate and makes the buying experience itself much more enjoyable. 

And don't let me get started on how fast the shipping is!

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