Taylor GS Mini Review ~~ Is This Guitar AWESOME?! (Review)

This is the Taylor GS Mini review. Read my Taylor GS Mini review and learn all about this Taylor GS Mini Mahogany acoustic guitar.

Taylor GS Mini Review ~~ Mahogany Acoustic Guitar


I had the pleasure of picking up Taylor GS Mini Mahogany and playing it for some time. This is the Taylor GS Mini review I came up with.

As soon as I've seen the Taylor GS Mini guitar, I knew it must be awesome. Its design is beautiful and the whole guitar looks sleek. Taylor GS Mini should be on your radar, no matter what kind of music you like!

Surprisingly enough, my expectations before trying this acoustic guitar weren't really high.

The sound coming out of Taylor GS Mini mahogany guitar was RICH & FULL, and it honestly changed my perspective on travel guitars (and small acoustic guitars in general).

Frankly, this awesome mahogany guitar has a balanced sound with warm and clear tones.

I was impressed by it's volume and resonance. If I heard someone playing it but didn't see the guitar, I would guess it's a normal sized guitar. It's a full and resonant sound, but balanced very good! 

Let's continue with this Taylor GS Mini review now.

​Warm or bright?

Taylor GS Mini is a warm sounding guitar, but those of you who prefer bright tones in music, won't be dissapointed either. The awesome Taylor GS Mini mahogany also comes with a Sitka Spruce top, which will give any guitar junky just the sound they're looking for.

As you see in my Taylor GS Mini review, this mahogany guitar has a sound warm just enough, so it doesn't sound muddy, but still preserves the crispiness in your music.


Let's take a quick look at materials used in Taylor GS Mini Mahogany, and how it affects the sound.

​Top (Soundboard): Solid Mahogany. ​Reason for the warm tone.

Back and Sides: Layered Sapele​

Headstock: The chrome tuners are nothing special but they felt fine to use and felt solid.

Nut and saddle: ​Made from Nubone – ​a synthetic material ​that emulates bone. ​

Bridge: ​Ebony. ​


I really like the playability of Taylor GS Mini Mahogany and this is a guitar that just feels nice to play naturally. You don't have to force anything with Taylor GS Mini.


The action on Taylor GS Mini Mahogany is actually very good, not something you'd expect from a travel-sized guitar.

Personally, I would still lower the action a bit, but it wouldn't be a big adjustment.

Is Taylor GS Mini worth the money?

Yes, 100%. This is something I rarely say about any guitar, but this one is really awesome.

The main reason Taylor GS Mini Mahogany is so cheap, is the size. If you don't mind a smaller guitar, then I'd say definitely go for it.

I actually couldn't believe I was playing a mini guitar. The sound, again, is very resonant and well balanced, much more than you'd expect from a guitar in this price range. 

Taylor GS Review Verdict

Sadly, there is one thing I don't like about this mahogany guitar though, and that is the red pick guard. I just personally don't like it, but if that's not an issue for you, awesome!

Most important thing is that it plays nicely, produces a great sound and you're able to make some awesome music.

I hope you found this Taylor GS Mini review useful and I'm leaving the link below for you to view it on Amazon.

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