Taylor Academy 12e Review

This is a guitar to get excited about. Taylor has a name for itself in making high-end guitars made for the seasoned professional. With the Academy Series, Taylor caters to the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed aspiring guitarists looking to make their start.

In this Taylor Academy 12e review you will learn everything you need to know about this guitar before buying it.


The Taylor Academy 12e is just one guitar from the series and it especially stands out. It has a high-quality sound to it with a lot of modern additions that make it rise above the rest. 

For those who are starting out and are looking for a solid foundation before trekking into the music world, this guitar is an obvious first step.

+ I Like

- I Don't Like

As affordable as any Taylor guitar can get

Great for beginners that want a solid foundation

Beautiful high mid and treble tones

No bass control on the ES-B

- I Don't Like

No bass control on the ES-B


For any musical fledgling looking to develop their guitar skills, the Taylor Academy 12e is a great start. This isn’t just for people who are new to guitars; it’s a perfect guitar for someone who is already a seasoned player but is now looking for their own sound. 

The guitar has an impressive range that has the freedom to lend itself to any kind of music. It’s well made for fingerpicking and technically driven songs. Because of its small design, it doesn’t have a very big sound. It isn't a booming guitar, but it does have a preamp that does well for those who wish to record their guitar playing into a polished sound.

It’s also perfect for those who wish to amplify the sound in a natural way without losing any of the quality in sound and intonation. 

Although it is a versatile guitar, it’s safe to say that the smaller body and clean sound make it perfect for more classical music styles. It also is a friendly guitar that is just begging to be matched with accompanying strings, such as in a quartet or orchestra. The way that the strings give way allows not only for musicians who haven’t built up their finger strength yet, but also for those who are looking for something that can move with quick fingerpicking melodies.

Look and Feel

The construction of this guitar is comfortable and made with the intention of feeling natural and easy to hold. It’s a grand concert body guitar, so it has great curves that sit on your lap comfortably while holding a more compact design for easy strumming and picking. The guitar doesn’t have a cutaway, which allows for a traditional and symmetrical look. I love the slim neck, which allows for quick movement up and down the fretboard.

Something that makes it appealing to newbies and pros alike is the beveled edge on the guitar. It allows the body to give way to where your arm would usually rest. It’s one of those features that you didn’t know you needed until you saw it and now it’s all that you’re thinking about.

It includes a preamp pick up and a built-in tuner. The pick up is great for recording and amplifying in a way that allows the sound to translate clearly and naturally through any device it’s hooked up to. And the tuner is a great little feature for easy tuning and maintenance.


I bet you’re wondering how this little guitar can carry such an impressive range? Well, this one is a twofer. The Sitka Spruce is set as the top wood and has a special kind of elasticity that allows for crisp notes but can handle even the most aggressive strumming styles.

Accompanying the Sitka Spruce is layered Sapele which makes up the back and sides of the guitar. It creates a strong mid-range sound.

The layered Sapele is a smart choice for this guitar since not only is it more economical (which is why this model is so affordable!), but it also weatherizes it. This makes it still create a strong sound through humidity or other sudden climate changes.

The Sapele is a beautiful look that boasts deep brown striations that pair well with the light-colored Sitka Spruce. All in all, the materials made from the guitar allow for a smart and classic design that creates a guitar that looks as good as it sounds.


This guitar is perfect for all of the newbies and will be appreciated by any professional. It is hands down the perfect guitar for beginners, mostly because of its comfortable look and feel. The built-in tuner and pick up is a great addition that creates a low barrier for entry into mastering the guitar.

The little details in this guitar are what make it shine; like the beveled edge for comfortable playing and the slim neck design for easy playing. All in all, the Taylor Academy 12e is versatile in creating a perfect sound for the not-yet-perfect player.

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