Taylor 314ce Review

The Taylor 314ce is a guitar every player should take a look at. Read this Taylor 314ce review and explore its sound, build quality, playability and find more information in this Taylor 314ce review.

Taylor 314ce Review

taylor 314ce review

Overall Rating:

Even though this is one of the most affordable guitars compared to other Taylor models, nothing about it seems "entry-level".

It has a bold and dynamic sound, and features the Grand Auditorium body shape, which is very popular among Taylor's acoustic guitars. And, as if that's not good enough, it comes with electronics - the Expression System 2.

Overall, it is suitable for street and live performances, studio sessions and different styles of playing. There's a reason why we featured the Taylor 314ce review on our best acoustic guitars list.


My expectations, before testing it, were high. Even though the Taylor 314ce is one of the cheapest Taylor guitars, it still wears the Taylor name.

This guitar sounds bold, packs a resonant sound, and offers good sustain. While being strong, it has the ability to do well with subtle styles, and fingerstyle players will enjoy it too. It has a full low-end which, combined with the punchy mid-range and clear highs, delivers an excellent sound.

The Taylor 314ce's top is made out of Sitka spruce, which gives this guitar a wide dynamic range.

If you like performing on stage, you will love the Expression System 2 that comes with the guitar. It doesn't distort the sound in any way, and amplifies the true tone you get playing the Taylor 314ce unplugged.

Body and Neck

My favorite part of this Taylor 314ce review. The 314ce has the Grand Auditorium body shape, and if you know anything about Taylor, you know how much they like using it. It's not only there to look beautiful, but has a lot to do with how the guitar sounds.

Featuring the Venetian cutaway, this guitar allows easy access to the highest frets. It's made out of high quality woods, which combined, make this guitar what it is.

taylor 314ce review

Sitka spruce top & solid sapele back and sides work together to bring you a well-balanced sound that's hard to forget.

Move up the body a little and you'll find a tropical mahogany neck with a satin finish.

And, this guitar features something new - the v-class bracing. It is there to give your guitar more volume and longer sustain.

What about the playability, you ask? We didn't talk about it in this Taylor 314ce review yet, so here it is.

It's very comfortable and easy to play, even people with small hands won't have any difficulties playing it.

It's hard to say anything bad about this guitar. Taylor, once again, delivered an awesome guitar!

taylor 314ce review


This Taylor 314ce guitar features Expression System 2 and behind-the-saddle pickup. Amplifying its natural sound is a piece of cake for the 314ce model. You get very simple controls - volume, bass, treble, and there is no onboard tuner.

Its Micarta Wave saddle combined with Tusq nut deliver consistent tone which, by the way, works well with variety of genres.

The guitar comes with the original Taylor deluxe hard shell case, which makes storing and transportation an easy task.

Tuners are made out of nickel and hold tunings very well.

Taylor 314ce Review Verdict

The Taylor 314ce is certainly not an entry-level guitar and it requires a good amount of investment - both time, and money.

If you're just looking for a guitar to play on weekends, this probably isn't the one.

However, the Taylor 314ce is a great choice for passionate players committed to learning. If you want the most value for your money and love Taylor, but can't afford one of their premium models, this is the one!

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