Taylor 224ce-K Review

Here is a great guitar that is a stand out from Taylor guitars. The Taylor 22ce-k might just be the best acoustic I’ve ever played. It has a lot of tonal qualities that really make this guitar shine - a lot of good highs, lows and mid ranges to play around with. 

It’s an all Koa guitar that makes a beautiful looking instrument. This acoustic-electric hybrid can create a great sound anywhere it’s played, and through anything it’s hooked up to.

Taylor 224ce-k Review Verdict

All of the guitars from Taylor 200 Series have great intonation and the same theme throughout. The Taylor 224ce-k is built around a construction that lets the Koa wood shine. 

This model creates a classic feel for a modern guitar. If you are looking for your next guitar, this might be the one!

+ I Like

- I Don't Like

Great sound

Beautiful dark design

Good playability

Layered back and sides

- I Don't Like

No electronics whatsoever


The special thing about this guitar is that it has great range. It’s more of a mid-ranged guitar, but the special tonal qualities of this guitar make it have amazing depth in the lows and bright, crisp highs.

As a grand auditorium guitar, it’s suited well for both fingerpicking and strumming.

The grand auditorium design is a Taylor original, having been introduced in 1994 and only improving from there. It allows for the lower register to create complex depths and a sonorous bass. The mid-range is highly articulate and has great intonation. And on the higher end, the treble has this beautiful sound that many critics call “sparkling”. 

Something special about the sound is that it will start of very articulate and sparkling, but as it gets older, the sounds will change and develop into more mellow and sweet tones. It is all-encompassing and multi-dimensional.

Look and Feel

The feel from the Koa wood has a smooth satin finish and has beautiful brown striations all along the body of the guitar. It has a glossy finish that brings out all of the different brown tones in the wood.

As you turn it in the light, you can always find something new to appreciate about its color and finish. It’s a smaller bodied guitar and it has that dramatic figure eight, that makes it comfortable guitar to sit on your lap.

The Taylor 224ce-k is a great mid-sized guitar to play with. It’s not too loud or reverberates too much, but at the same time, it doesn’t have the delicate sounds of a concert guitar. It’s right in the middle, having cheery overtones while maintaining great projection. 

You can easily move up and down the narrow neck, and the Venetian cutaway gives you access to higher up registers on the fretboard. The Venetian cutaway is great for creating soft lines and creating a beautiful profile for the guitar.

It has an “X” bracing that creates a more classic sound and feel to the guitar as you are playing.

It also uses the Expression System 2 for a high-quality preamp pick up system. The Expression System 2 is set in this guitar right behind the saddle, which takes a more dynamic approach to amplify the sounds of the guitar. This system is extremely nuanced; being able to pick up everything from the lower chords to the crisp high notes. All in all, this is a beautiful guitar that is highly playable and enjoyable to the eyes.


The thing that shines about this guitar is the fact that it is an all Koa guitar. Yes. That’s right. The body in nothing but Koa. It’s a pretty smart design.

The top wood is solid Koa, and the back and sides are layered Koa. Because of it, the Taylor 224ce-k is playable through humidity and changes in pressure or climate. But I bet you’re wondering what makes Koa special. Well, Taylor sources Koa sustainably from Hawaii. It carries a beautiful classic sound, and as the wood starts to settle in, the sound blooms into this deep mellow tone that is only special to Koa wood.

The rest of the guitar features an ebony fretboard and a glossy black pickguard. It comes with a deluxe hardshell case and lefty options at no additional cost! The tuners are chrome with the center of the guitar having a beautifully adorned rosette around the soundhole.

It includes black binding all around the guitar that makes for a sturdy construction. It includes small acrylic diamond inlays along the fretboard. Overall, this is nothing but high-quality materials that make up a beautiful sounding guitar.


If you’re looking for something versatile that you’d want to have for life, the Taylor 224ce-K might be exactly what you need. This guitar is a powerhouse in the world of acoustics that shows off its beautiful intonation and crisp sound. 

The electric part of this electric-acoustic hybrid makes it great for any artist that needs clear and natural sounds translated into recorded audio. And the little details, from the ebony fretboard to the layered back and sides, are what make it great. The beautiful design and intelligent construction of the Taylor 224ce-K can promise to be the only guitar you would ever need.

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