Taylor 214ce Review – 7 Things We Love About This Guitar

Taylor guitars have always been known as the leading guitar brand and the most trusted one. We have featured this model in our buying guide and that sure isn't a coincidence.

Below you will find a list of 7 things we love about this guitar, followed by an in-depth review.


The Taylor 214ce Deluxe Grand Auditorium is a great example of what Taylor has always been known for. Beautifully designed guitars with a very clear sound projection, which stand out from the crowd and attract players of all kinds.

While this certainly isn't the most affordable guitar, especially for beginners, those who get a chance to try it out will never forget the experience.

Taylor 214ce Review

Over the years th​is brand's name has grown to be known to the guitar industry as to what the BMW name has become to the automobile industry.

Their designs might lack a little fanciness or flashiness, but they are without a doubt sleek, stylish, and handle better than anything else on the market. 

​The Taylor 214ce Deluxe Grand Auditorium is definitely a great example of what Taylor has ​always been known for  - ​beautifully designed guitars with a very clear​ sound projection.

I have to be honest though, it is a bit expensive (don't worry, I also listed an alternative) but it's really worth every penny.

​7 Things We Love About This Guitar

  1. ​Very durable thanks to its wood selection
  2. All frets are easily accessible
  3. Clear and impactful sound
  4. ​One of the most affordable Taylor guitars
  5. Even stock strings sound great
  6. Comes with a gig box
  7. ​Can be used on a daily basis

Most players have even gone as far to classify this guitar as a masterpiece, and it really is easy to understand why. The only bad thing about these guitars is that they are more expensive, but they are worth the splurge if you can afford it.

Great Alternative: Taylor Academy A12e

Is Taylor 214ce too expensive for you? No worries, we found a more budget-friendly alternative. A12e is a perfect guitar for you, if you want to own a Taylor guitar, but don't really want to go for their high-end models.

Build Quality

Spruce is a beautiful wood that is known for its durability and outstanding characteristics.

Not only is it extremely straight and very workable, but also it produces one of the softest and smoothest textures that you will find around. And, that is why th​is company chose to construct it out of this materials.

You will notice right away that the top is solid Sitka spruce, while the back and sides are layered with rosewood. This combination gives of a true vintage ​ appearance.

​Rosewood is an extremely strong and heavy material that can be polished right down to resemble a beautiful shiny surface.

It is these materials that not only make this guitar a true beauty, but it is what makes it one of the most durable and dependable instruments on the market.

Single Cutaway

What’s the point of having a long fret board, if you can’t even access the highest notes possible?

If you are familiar with most acoustic guitar design, you know that they give off that vintage body design, which denies access to the high notes. Fortunately, that is not the case with this model.

reviews taylor 214ce

The single cutaway access literally gives players access to every single fret on the fret board. This some resembles an electric guitar design and it gives players the ability to scale completely up and down the neck with ease.

When you combine this with the fact that the ebony fret board is extremely easy to play, you are looking at some user-friendly guitar that you’ll have mastered in no time at all.


The neck is another aspect of the guitar that has to be highly praised. The​y really outdid themselves with the design and craftsmanship of the neck on th​is guitar.

The neck is constructed of sapele and polished to perfection.

However, one thing that really makes the neck of this ​baby different is that it isn’t glossed.

reviews 214ce

Now, most inexperienced guitar players are probably thinking, why wouldn’t you want a glossed neck? Well, glossed neck might look great, but they stick. It is much easier for the finger to stick to the fret board when the necks are glossed.

​The non-gloss design will give you the capabilities to easily glide up and down the neck. This is something that professional players love. And, this is one feature that will really enhance the playing abilities of the amateur players.

The Onboard Electronics

Make no mistake, this model sounds great alone. In fact, it is probably one of the most professional sounding acoustic guitars in the same price range.

However, to make things even better, this guitar comes packed with some state of the art electronics. This gives players the ability to plug in and gig in front of some of the biggest and rowdiest crowds out there.

It is the additional electronics that really make this guitar a true powerhouse and joy to play.

taylor 214 ce
  • ​Th​is model comes equipped with the ES-T electronics system, which has become ​their true trademark. The best thing about this system is it ability to blend the resonance of the string with the body. 
  • The system does such a great job of taking that acoustic sound and projecting it through speakers, while not making it sound too electronic. 
  • The simple and easy to use three-knob system allows players of all ranges to customize their laying experience by adjusting the bass, treble, and master volume.
  • ​The system does require a nine-volt battery, but the compartment for the battery is installed on the underside of the guitar, which leaves the top smooth and completely intact. 
  • ​If there was one bad thing to be said about the electronic system it would be that the guitar doesn’t contain a built-in tuner. However, portable tuners are extremely affordable and dependable these days.



State of the art electronics

Durable woods

Easy access to all frets



Requires a nine-volt battery

No built-in tuner


If you are looking to invest in quality and dependability, you simply cannot overlook this guitar. 

While the Taylor 214ce isn't the best choice for beginners, it is a great guitar for passionate and experienced players. If you want the best bang for your buck, this is the one!

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