Taylor 114e Review

If you are like most acoustic guitar players, you automatically think about Taylor or Martin when some​one mentions a guitar. 

These two companies without a doubt stand out for some of their prolific acoustic designs. 

This model really holds the best of everything that Taylor or Martin could offer in an acoustic guitar.

After reading this Taylor 114e review, you will see why more and more players decide to invest in this guitar.

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​In-depth review of Taylor 114e

Body and Neck

When it comes to modern design and beautiful woodwork, you will be taken back when you look at this model.

The body alone gives off the appearance of the modern acoustic guitar, but the woodwork is a one of a kind.

The back is layered with sapele and the sides are backed with solid Sitka spruce top. The body also comes complete with a matte finish, which provides a really smooth look and feel.

Your picking hand will just glide over the body of the guitar and give off a feel of quality craftsmanship that cannot be matched.

As far as the neck goes, you are going to be just as equally impressed. The neck is also constructed with sapele and features a 25.5-inch fingerboard.

The fingerboard is designed with a beautiful African ebony color and comes with 20 playable frets equipped with unique and beautiful white dot fret markers.

Whether you purchase the Taylor 114e from the Guitar center or buy it used, you will easily see that this classic design offers one of the most playable and comfortable necks that you will ever find on a guitar.

But then again, it's made by Taylor, and as we have seen on their 114ce model, we can't expect nothing less from them, other than a perfectly built guitar.

taylor 114e body


One of the best things about the Taylor 114e acoustic electric guitar is that it really offers the best of both worlds.

This impressive six-string comes with an Expression System 2 pickup and preamp system that allows that player to plug into any amp and rock out in front of a large studio audience. With several control options available, you can easily customize your electric playing style.

However, that doesn’t mean that the unplugged sound isn’t just as impressive. The design and construction of this guitar really make the quality of plugged and unplugged equally great.

Some other notable features that stand out are the classic Taylor headstock, the six die-cast tuners, and the rosewood bridge.

The Taylor 114e guitar also features a timeless black pick guard that ensure the body stays safe and scratch free when you are jamming out with a pick.

The guitar also comes equipped with all chrome hardware, which might be a little traditional for some players, but it really meshes well with the classic construction of the guitar.

Okay, But How Does It Sound?

When it comes to the sound of this guitar, the thing that ​is really going to stand out the most, is the presence of bass frequencies in the mix. 

​In addition to this, Taylor 114e prezzo guitar is extremely responsive and will respond extremely well to the smallest changes.

Even though the guitar already produces a quality sound plugged or unplugged, the responsiveness ​definitely allows the player to feel the progress of their alterations.

This will really give the player more and more motivation to try different styles and experiment with their progression, which is something that every player needs.


  • Provides a low-end richness sound that cannot be matched
  • ​Class black pick guard protects the body when paying with a pick
  • ​Can be utilized for a variety of genres
  • ​Play plugged in or unplugged
  • ​All chrome hardware adds to the classic look of the guitar
  • ​African ebony neck is beautiful, comfortable, and easy to play
  • ​Features a classic and durable Taylor headstock
  • ​Comfortable 25.5-inch fret board
  • ​Matte finish on the body feels smooth on the picking hand


  • ​Doesn’t have a cutout, which leaves the last few frets unplayable
  • Requires a 9-volt battery for the electronics

​Final Thoughts

The Taylor 114e ​Grand ​Auditorium is without a doubt worth the price, when you consider everything that it has to offer.

Whether you want to sit on the beach and jam around the bonfire or if you want to rock out in an auditorium, you have the option of doing so. 

Overall opinion: great bang for the bucks.

2 thoughts on “Taylor 114e Review”

  1. I own a solid maple/spruce gibson and a solid wood Martin and both are tone beautiful! the other day I happen to have some time on my hands and dropped in at a local guitar shop. I played several Taylors, as this shop was well stocked with them. When I picked up a 114e I was so pleased at the sound and,more importantly the playability of the guitar .the mids and trebles wee crystal clear and the bass was,definative. All in all just a nice Axe! I played for about an hour and kept picking up this same guitar over and over. I finally looked at the tag and it was a 114e with a price of 629 dollars!!! I almost fell out of my shoes! How could a 600 dollarlaminate guitar sound so good? Well it did and I contacted the guitar shop ,It is in a different town, and am going back to but it!! SUPERIOR product and SUPERIOR sound!!! For 600 dollars and change I don’t know how a player could go wrong. This will now be my go to guitar for front porch parties and campfires

  2. I have a 114e walnut and I agree it is a great guitar.
    I bought it at New York Music Emporium in Bellmore on Long Island at the Taylor Road Show last April.
    I am older and learning how to play and this really helped me with it’s fantastic set up and neck which is very easy to play.
    The sound is great, I did change to the Elixir HD Lights designed by Andy Powers along with Elixir for the Taylor Grand Auditoriums. They sound so good.
    I am so pleased with this guitar and Charlie and his crew at The shop.
    The Best!!!!!!!
    Brad from Long Island

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