Takamine EF360S-TT Review

Takamine is an exceptional brand that impresses not just in the high-quality materials but also in their close attention to detail. Each guitar has a distinct theme to them, and a story to tell and the Takamine EF360S-TT is no exception to this theme.

Takamine EF360S-TT Review Verdict

This guitar has a very vintage design to create a classic sound that can carry itself far and command attention. But it’s not just an acoustic guitar. It includes the option to connect it to an amp, making it perfect for larger performances and even recording in studio!

Though Takamine has created a vintage design, in this day and age, the sound is quite refreshing.

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Good sound

Side-mounted preamp controls

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Side-mounted preamp controls


Speaking of sounds, let’s dive into them a little more and talk about the kind of sounds to expect from this guitar. As a dreadnought, it has an amazing deep sound. It’s great for the country or even slow or soulful music. This was made for a musician who writes their own music or who needs something to jam out on in coffee shops or concert stages.

Between the large body and the preamp, this guitar calls out to the natural performers.But the design of the guitar is looking for those who love to jam out or compose alike. It has an impressive versatility because it sits at the intersection of acoustic and electric.

This model has an amazing preamp that is great for carrying the booming sounds of this guitar even further without reducing any of the sound quality. The preamp is not just for amps; it’s great for recording equipment as well. Being able to translate your recordings into a clear, high-quality sound is important, and the input is a great resource for those who are looking to record on an acoustic but not lose any of that natural top sound.


Okay, this is where the review gets a little more interesting. The materials that this guitar is made from are out of this world. It boasts solid spruce which is what makes this guitar loud but also versatile in the sounds that it generates. The fretboard is solid ebony which adds to the sleek appeal and playability of the instrument. The back and sides are solid Indin rosewood which shapes the deep booming sounds and help create complex overtones.

Takamine EF360S-TT

And, the most exciting part about this guitar is that is is a thermal top guitar. This is a special treat that Takamine has perfected and is available in their higher-end guitar. Thermal top is a special way to treat the wood so that the intonation of the guitar gives it a vintage and “broken in” sound right out of the box. 

Takamine cures the wood in an environment of high heat and low oxygen. To get that kind of sound it would take years to develop within the wood of the guitar, but now you can get it right from Takamine.

Look and Feel

The Takamine EF360S-TT boasts a full body for a full-bodied feel and sound. It’s a large guitar that’s about as deep and wide as a standard dreadnought. The neck has a “D” shape that makes it comfortable to hold and position your hand up and down the fretboard. I think something that stands out is the tuners that have sturdy hardware akin to the design of vintage guitars.

It’s not every day you see an open gear style tuner but Takamine’s attention to detail makes the guitar an entire vintage experience! 

Takamine EF360S TT Thermal Top Acoustic-Electric Guitar with Hard Case

Though the body is amazing, the Takamine wouldn’t be best for the smaller or less advanced players. It has a barrier for entry to get the special kind of sound that the Takamine provides and for some, it might not be a good enough deal.But something I love about this guitar that does make it worth it is the TLD-2 line driver preamp which picks up sound well and gives this guitar a level of versatility. Takamine is well known for their preamp designs in their guitars as it is based on what they call a “Palathetic Pickup” system. This means that the system is much more inclined to pick up even the softest sound from the guitar to enhance it in a natural way.

Overall, the body is an impressive design, and when accompanied by the preamp, it can create a deep, booming sound that commands attention.


It’s rare to find such a high level of dedication that Takamine takes in developing its guitars, but Takamine achieved just that. They developed a beautiful sounding guitar from a strong concept and actualized it into the EF360S-TT. This specific guitar is more than an instrument; it’s a history lesson on the unique and timeless features of vintage acoustics. But this is all while shaping the future of acoustic-electric hybrids through their popular preamp system and cured thermal spruce top.

This guitar is as versatile as it comes and is an absolute necessity for any musician looking to get the most out of their guitar.

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