Rogue RA-090 Review

I’ll be honest, breaking out into the world of guitars is not a cheap undertaking. And as a beginner, one might try to gravitate towards a more affordable guitar. It’s true that there are inexpensive guitars, but the primary focus on getting your first guitar should be for something with great intonation and playability. It’s for intermediate and advanced players as well.

Rogue RA-090 Review Verdict

Sometimes you need a guitar to bring to jams or one with a versatile sound that can be played in a coffee shop or on stage.

The Rogue RA-090 checks all of those boxes and more. It’s an affordable guitar with sonorous tones and reliable construction.

+ I Like

- I Don't Like


Decent sound



Requires constant tuning

Quality control issues

- I Don't Like

Requires constant tuning

Quality control issues


Like most dreadnoughts, this guitar is very loud. You won't have to worry about a bashful sound coming from this big-bodied guitar because it has a lot to say. It has sonorous intonation and great bass. It’s a purely acoustic guitar with a kind of authentic vintage sound.

This is a great starter guitar. It’s the perfect guitar for beginners, and it’s a great way to dip your toe into music without having to break the bank much either. In this way, this guitar has a perfect sound for an imperfect player.

But this is great for the pros! If your sound is grunge or garage rock, it will stand well alongside a bass and drum kit. The guitar fits well into any musical styling that requires and authentic unpolished sound. I’m not confident that the sound would translate well in a studio, but it’s great for rocking out on.

While a lot of guitar brands these days try to create a perfect sound with precise articulation, sometimes you just need to rock out with biting, deep chords and a booming sound. This guitar can do that for you, and it’s the reason that it’s very apt for it to come from the Rogue brand.

Look and Feel

This guitar is a dreadnought, which is a large body designed for a loud, commanding sound. You don’t have to strum too much to extract loud and clear intonation from this beast. That being said, I wouldn’t recommend this for smaller guitar players or those who are looking for a more manageable, compact guitar. This one is more about strong chords and deep sounds than anything else.

Construction of the guitar is well crafted compared to other low-end guitars. It’s the neck and body that feels very sturdy in your hands. This model doesn’t have a cutaway, so it’s a bit of a stretch if you want to play those higher tones. It gives the guitar a very classic look, though.

It comes in three different colors! The natural finish has a classic look to it, the black has a much more sleek look, and the sunburst is a real dramatic theme. All of them have a glossy finish and a classic black pickguard to boot. The Rogue RA-090 has an appeal to it, and its large, sturdy design is perfectly in line with its classic, vintage look.


The materials are straight forward being made almost exclusively from laminated white wood. For those of you looking for the fancy ebony fingerboard or Koa top wood, you’re not going to find what you want from this model. That doesn’t mean that the construction isn’t anything less than impressive and the sound carries itself well.

Rogue Acoustic Guitar RA-090-NA

When it comes to the materials, it’s less about what kind of materials are used for the guitar but how impressively Rogue constructs them together to create a really high-quality instrument at a low price. Let’s dive a little deeper into the Rogue RA-090’s materials and construction.

The fretboard is made from Nato woods and sits atop a c shaped neck. Its laminated white wood is what makes this guitar so shockingly affordable for such a great sound. The white wood not only keeps it affordable, but it also makes it a lightweight guitar. Seeing this mammoth of a dreadnought guitar might seem daunting even to begin to pick up and play, but the lightness of the materials makes it portable. 

All of these materials come together to make an enjoyable playing experience that doesn’t make it a chore to bring to your next gig or practice your next set.


Trying to buy your first guitar? Trying to find the perfect sound to take to your jams? Or maybe you need something to play for your next gig? The Rogue RA-090 has the perfect sound for all of this. It was made with the intention of creating the cheapest guitar possible for the best sound possible.

It’s a financial undertaking to start playing the guitar, but with this model, you can’t go wrong. It is an affordable guitar that won’t suffer in quality of construction or sound.

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