Pop Filter vs Foam ~~ Which Filter Is Better?! (The Difference, Windscreen)

Looking for a difference between pop filter vs foam? Read more about pop filter vs foam for your microphone.

While both pop filter and foam are used to reduce unwanted noise generated by wind blowing on the microphone, there are some key differences when looking at pop filter vs foam.

If you're deciding between pop filter vs foam to help you reduce unwanted sounds, see the pop filter vs foam (known as windscreen) comparison below.


A foam cover (often reffered to as a windscreen) is designed to reduce the noise of air moving directly over the microphone. For example, a foam cover will be helpful in windy conditions, but won't be as useful for studio recordings.

Unlike a pop filter, the foam won't stop much of the hard T's and P's when speaking or singing into the microphone. Same goes for reducing background noise - neither pop filter vs foam will help with that. Foam covers tend to cut higher frequencies than pop filter, but your Twitch viewers (if you're streaming) are unlikely to notice any difference.

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Pop Filter

A pop filter is good for cutting popping sounds (P's being the most annoying one) and a pop filter performs much better than a foam cover or windscreen. If you're doing podcasts, streaming on Twitch or recording voice inside, pop filter is a better choice than foam. Let's see the difference when it comes to pop filter vs foam. 

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Pop Filter vs Foam - Which Is Better?

For most people, a pop filter for microphone will be better.

If all you want to do is record inside, a pop filter will be better for your microphone.

However, if you're recording audio and sound outside with a recorder like Zoom H4n or shotgun rode mic, the foam or windscreen will be a better choice. That's obvious if you think about it - when was the last time you've seen somebody using a pop filter outside?

Thanks for reading about pop filter vs foam. If you have any questions on pop filter vs foam difference, contact me on Reddit or Twitch. Share this pop filter vs foam on Reddit or Twitch and good luck deciding between pop filter vs foam.

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