Picking The Right Strings For Your Guitar

Strings on your guitar have a major impact on your playing and the sound guitar produces. But, strings get bad after some time and there's nothing you can do about it, except replacing them.

After reading this guide you will have a good understanding of guitar strings and know exactly which ones to purchase for your guitar.

Let's get to it!

Strings For Acoustic Guitar

You have to be very careful with acoustic guitars. See, there aren't any electronics to contribute to its sound, which means that the sound will be produced only by strings.

You also have to take body shape in consideration, it is one of the major factors that impact sound. Picking strings that are meant for a different body shaped guitar is a big no-go.

Steel Strings

These are most common among guitar players, as they produce versatile sound. You can play almost any genre on steel strings and it will sound right.

Very popular among fingerstyle players.

Nylon Strings

These are designed specifically for classical music, flamenco and folk music. They sound much softer and mellow than steel strings, but you can, without doubt, rock different genres with them.

You will find Nylon strings on majority of beginners' guitars - people who are just starting out like them because of their soft characteristics, their fingers don't hurt so much, etc.

However, they require more tuning than steel strings and are also more sensitive to temperature changes, humidity, etc.

​Which Model To Buy

​It can be exhausting deciding which model of strings to buy, and that's why we recommend just simply searching for your guitar model + strings.

You can also check out this article which is very in-depth and will turn you from a newbie to a pro.

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