MXL 990 Review ~~ In-Depth Review Of This Condenser Microphone

Looking for MXL 990 review? Read our MXL 990 review to learn all about the MXL 990 condenser microphone.

To be honest, nobody is expecting budget studio gear to perform as good as the high-end gear, yet, we do expect even the budget gear to be reliable. In this MXL 990 review, you will see that's exactly how we can describe the MXL 990 microphone - as an awesome budget condenser microphone that you can rely on.

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When it comes to design, the MXL 990 is pretty simple and has that classic feel to it. And, if you're looking for audio recording gear at such a low price, this is all you really want - instead of focusing on the design and appearance, you want a microphone that'll get the job done and offer you solid audio.


The MXL 990 microphone features a large diaphragm which is fitted into a decent capsule, and the FET preamp that just screams consistency and reliability.

The MXL 990 mic comes in a wide array of configurations including straight up condenser and XY stereo. There are also USB versions of both.

If you're here for the tech specs, the MXL 990 has a 30Hz to 20kHz frequency response range paired with a max SPL of 130dB. It also packs a fixed cardioid polar pattern, which shouldn't come as a surprise considering the price of this microphone.

Every MXL 990 review should also mention how you can connect this microphone, so here we go:

Like most studio condenser microphones, you will need an XLR cable and a phantom power.

As far as the accessories go, you get a padded carry case, mic stand adapter and shock mount.


This is my favorite part of MXL 990 review. This condenser microphone performs well with vocals and it is all about the midrange warmth. 

If you're looking for a full and rich tone, the MXL 990 will meet your expectations. It makes your vocals sound better without adding too much coloration. And, I really liked the sound of the MXL 990 mic when combined with a tube preamp.

Don't get me wrong though, you can use the MXL 990 to record acoustic instruments too (awesome with guitar), not just vocals. This microphone, however, has a bit lower max SPL, which means it's recording amps and drums is not its strong suit.

Lastly, the MXL 990 produces very low noise and it's a great addition to any studio, home or professional.

Final Word

Hope this MXL 990 review clears things up and you can make the best decision possible. 

As you can see in our MXL 990 review, this microphone won't necessarily impress you with its design, but it will do the job at a low price and record even better audio than most condenser microphones in this price range.

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This MXL 990 review is updated for 2019 and we'll update it again when things change or there's a better condenser microphone than the MXL 990.