​This guitar is a bit smaller than you would expect, but that is definitely not its weakness​. We have featured this guitar in our best acoustic guitars comparison, ​but in this review, I'm going to discuss its main features, such as sound, build quality and materials used, but you're also going to hear the sound quality​.

Martin LX1E Review

​Our Rating

​Martin LX1E, or Little Martin, as some people call it, is a great sounding, small-sized guitar made by a very reputable brand, known mostly for its high-end guitars.


​Sound is probably the ​most important thing you're ​interested in, so let's jump to our ​review. 

​It projects the classic Martin sound, just a bit miniaturized. It sounds crisp and ​bright, although some people said it lacks resonance, which makes it sound more tiny. But then again, it's not the biggest guitar and you're not paying a fortune for it. Don't expect the biggest sound coming out of it, ​but that doesn't mean it sucks in terms of sound quality. Far from that!

​Material & Build Quality

​For its top, Martin used solid Sitka spruce, like they do in most of their guitars. Thanks to this material, guitars can sound bright and more dynamic.

On back and sides, we can find Koa HPL, which stands for high pressure laminate. That's just a standard in this price range, nothing else to expect. It also looks really nice because of this.

This guitar ​comes with die cast tuners, which are painted in black and I personally love that feature!

​Saddle ​is made out of TUSQ, which is​, again, standard in most guitars in this price range, or even in the high-end ones. That's ​a synthetic material, but far from cheap plastic.

Nut, on the other hand, is built out of Black Corian and the bridge out of Black Richlite.

​Final Words

​Considering its price, ​it is indeed a pretty ​solid guitar. Because of its size however, it is best suitable for kids, people with smaller hands and especially for people who like to travel. If I had to pick one, I'd definitely put this one on my best travelling guitar list! 


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