​Let's be honest. We all want to buy a prestige guitar sooner or later. Maybe not even for a sound, but just for the way it looks. Well, Martin Dsr2 is a real deal-breaker here. Now you can get a really nice, premium guitar without paying the price of high-end models.

We featured this model on our previous post but now let's take a closer look.

martin dsr2 review

​Our Rating

If you are a fan of Martin guitars, you probably already know that the company never really stops innovating or improving. This is one of the key qualities that have made the company stand out amongst the competition for years. 

​​Any musician on the road needs durability and that is just what Martin delivers. It is safe to safe that all these qualities and more can be found in the Martin Drs2. After reading this Martin Drs2 Review it will be hard to deny that this is​ the perfect acoustic guitar for you.

A Look At The Body

Spruce is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and durable woods out there. It not only can be machined into a straight arrow, but it can be polished and glossed to create a stunning overall appearance. It is these reasons that the Martin Company chose to create the Martin Drs2 with spruce.

The body of the guitars boasts a Sitka spruce top that looks almost just like mahogany. The black pick guard only adds to the durability and protection of the body. If you make a mishap with your pick, you can rest assured that the black pick guard will be in the right place to offer the extra protection that you need.

​The sides and back of the guitar are constructed with solid sapele and finished in a beautiful satin.

​The Design Of The Neck

It is not just the body of the guitar that makes it great. The neck of the guitar also brings a lot to the table as well. In fact, the neck features a set-in design with a low modified oval shape that gives player the finest playability available. The multi-laminated Stratbond design and construction of the neck only adds to the endurance and stability. Along with this, players can easily benefit from the black Richlite fret board.

The fret board is not only a true joy to play on, but it gives off an appearance that is extremely similar to ebony. The fret board also includes 20 playable frets that are inlayed with white dots.

​Six Chrome Tuners

Tuning your guitar is without a doubt one of the most important aspects of any guitar. Being able to produce an accurate tone quickly and easily means you spend less time tuning and more time playing. Unfortunately, tuning over and over again can wear out your headstock and tuners.

Fortunately, thanks to the durable and innovative design of this guitar this is something that you will never have to worry about. The headstock and chrome tuners always ensure that you not only get a quick and easy tune, but these features provide just the durability that you need. In addition to this, the headstock is extremely stylish with the traditional Martin design.

Acoustic And Electric

The Martin DRS2 has both acoustic and electric capabilities. This will allow you to mix up your routine without needing to separate instruments. If you like to play both the electric and acoustic guitars, you will definitely appreciate these capabilities. In fact, you will be able to ​use the DRS2 for studio recording, live performances and jamming out in your garage. The guitar works great when utilizing it as an electric and acoustic instrument.

​Fishman Sonitone Pickup

Some guitars have a terrible pickup and that makes them unsuitable for certain situations. For instance, they might not be good for onstage performances. Or, they might suck in the studio. This is where the Martin DRS2 excels. This guitar is equipped with the amazing Fishman Sonitone Pickup system. This ensures that it is suitable for almost all purposes. It works great for onstage and studio performances. It is also going to sound great when you’re jamming out in your home. The pickup’s performance is almost unbeatable!


  • Features that amazing Martin quality
  • Has a distinctive look
  • Delivers a warm resonance
  • Great projection
  • Fishman Sonitone pickup is amazing
  • Amazing Sitka spruce top
  • Electric and acoustic


  • Somewhat heavy
  • A little expensive

​Overall Assessment

At the end of the day, there are plenty of reasons to buy the Martin DRS2 Guitar. It works as an acoustic and electric guitar. It is going to withstand the test of time and it looks amazing. The price is a little steep, but it’ll prove to be well worth it in the long run. Even if you’re a beginner, you should have any trouble picking up and using this guitar almost immediately.

It is simply easy to play and it won’t abuse your fingers. And still, it is versatile enough for veterans. With that being said, it will make a good investment for many.


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