​We have briefly mentioned this guitar in our article about the best acoustic guitars but now let's take a closer look at it. As we all know, Martin is a phenomenal guitar brand and they offer variety of different high-end guitars. But if you get to know all of their ​models, you'll notice that they offer some at more affordable prices as well. One of them is definitely the ​Drs1 model.

martin dsr1 review

​This model really stands out. It has that pristine Martin sound, which is bound to blow you away, but also doesn't break the bank. 

​Our Rating

​Body Type ​

​This one comes with a solid sapele top, back and sides, but also utilizes modified low oval select hardwood neck. Its black richlite fingerboard features 20 frets, with small white markers on it.

​Neck Shape

The neck is easy to play, which is certainly one of the most important features in a guitar. You can easily access any chord and quickly run up and down the ​scale.


Even though this guitar is pretty durable, make sure you take proper care of it. It is an acoustic guitar afterall.

neck shape

​Drs1's Sound

​Finally comes the part we're all wondering about. Oh, the sweet sweet sound. ​This acoustic guitar is definitely worth both, the price and Martin name. 

I was most suprised when I heard how loud this guitar can be. Its richness and fullness stands out, but the loudness is really suprising here. It is very strong and easily beats any other guitar in the same price range.

Besides that, it's still very expressive and dynamic, not just strong. You can play any music genre on it, whether it is a solf ballad or heavy metal song, I'm sure this model can handle it all.

​Martin Drs1 Comes With Electronics!

electronic pickup system

​This model comes with electronics from Fishman Sonitone and it includes pickup and preamp inside the soundhole. The preamp is powered by 9V battery and is very easy to operate​ - It features two knobs, one for volume and the other one for tone. It is suprisingly good considering the price, and doesn't produce much noise or tubbiness, which are two main issues with other relatively cheap guitars with preamps.

​Final Words

​Personally, I really love how this guitar looks. Just by looking at it, I can tell that it must be premium and must have been made by a trusted brand. Just its sound is probably worth more than you're paying for, let alone the build quality, design and material selection, which are all great.

If you want to enter the premium world of guitars, but don't actually want to spend a fortune on your journey, then this model is right for you. It's nice to see brands releasing some high-end models at more affordable prices and I'm sure the prices are only going to get better in the future.


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