You don’t have to be a ukulele player or a blues player to appreciate the true beauty and elegance of an all mahogany design.

There is just something about the ​design that gives off such a vintage and elegant appearance. This is just one of things that Martin does extremely well.

Below you will find a list of 9 things we ABSOLUTELY LOVE about the Martin 00015m, ​followed by our in-depth review.

martin 000-15m review

​Our Rating

Not only are they known for creating some of the most iconic acoustic models on the market, but ​Martin is also known for bringing players quality and dependability throughout the years.

And, after reading this ​review, you will easily see that this amazing model is no different.

​9 Things We Love About This Guitar

  1. ​Works great with variety of picking styles
  2. Comes with an additional pick guard
  3. Excells in all kinds of musical genres
  4. Projects a ​warm and mellow tone, but clear and powerful at the same time
  5. Beautiful design
  6. Pretty affordable
  7. Very durable due to its construction materials
  8. ​​Bass frequencies are warm and well-balanced
  9. Vintage look that'll sure impress all vintage lovers

​Who Wouldn't Trust Martin?

​If you ask just about any guitar player who their favorite acoustic manufacturer is, there is a good chance that 95 percent of players are going to respond by saying Martin. We also featured this guitar in our article about best acoustic guitars under 2000, but let's go more in-depth right here.

​Knowing The Body And Neck

When you hear someone say that​ the 00015m is all mahogany, you can really take this to heart.

Not only is the body of the guitar designed with beautiful mahogany, but the neck is mahogany as well. 

This neat little feature offers long time and hard players the durability and stability that they need to hit those notes they seek.

It gives off natural warmth that just cannot be matched by any other material available on the market. 

​However, do not be fooled by the sturdiness of the neck, because it is still extremely playable. Whether you want to sit and strum chords or scale up and down the neck, you truly have the option of doing either.

With the wide Martin's rosewood, 20-fret board players will have versatile playing options.

Oh, and don’t forget about the vintage white dot markers up and down the fret board. You really can’t get more vintage blues than that.

The craftsmanship on the body and neck really stand out and it is without a doubt one of the things that players will appreciate most about th​e Martin's 000 series.

​What Makes The Sound On ​15m Different?

To most inexperienced players all acoustic guitars sound the same.

​​Unfortunately, that is not the case at all. Sure, there are a number of great sounding acoustic guitars out there on the market, but a lot of them produce an expressive low-end frequency. This is not the case with Martin's 000 series at all.

​That is why the Martin 00015m produces a warm and mellow tone that cannot be matched. It really excells in the low end frequency range and sure beats any other guitar in this price range.

Whether you want to play twang or delta blues, the ​Martin 15m will produce the vibes and tones that you need to accomplish this feat. 

That being said, this six-string can also produce crystal clear notes and warm basses along with gritty punches that really gives any player the ability to player a variety of genres and styles.

Most players will tell you that the Martin's Company specializes in acoustic blues, but this guitar really proves that they can take it to the next level with their high-end acoustic designs and features.

​Extreme Clarity

If you have ever played on an all mahogany guitar before, you probably already know that most of them just don’t produce the abilities to give players that extreme level of clarity that they are seeking when it comes to tone. That is not the case with the Martin 00015m.

This tone of this guitar is so consistent from string to string that any level of player will feel completely comfortable playing at any fret on this guitar.

It really is these features that make this guitar stand out and just a true joy to hold in your hands.

Choose Your Style Of Picking

Not every player out there is created equally. Some like to strum, some like to finger pick, while others might just find themselves picking single notes.

Whatever your playing style is, it won’t matter when you invest in the Martin's 000-15m model.

This guitar really responds well to any style of playing, which makes it extremely additive.

You can either learn a new style or build on your finger picking skills.


  • Guitar responds well to a variety of picking styles (finger picking or picks)
  • All mahogany design increases beauty, durability, and stability
  • Twenty frets offer versatile playing options
  • Can play a variety of genres and styles
  • Wide rosewood fret board with white dot markers
  • Produces a warm and mellow tone that cannot be matched
  • Offers additional pick guard to protect the body for mishaps


  • No electronics whatsoever

​Overall Assessment

Whether you consider yourself a true bluesman or you are just taking up the genre, you can’t get there without the assistance of a good guitar.

This is exactly where the Martin 000 15m can come in extremely handy. 

Not only will th​is guitar give you that blues look you are going for, but it will produce that blues sound that you so desire (and any other sound actually).


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