Guitar Tricks Review – How Good Is It?

Man with long guitar playing electric guitar in bedroom

Guitar Tricks is a website specifically designed for all of your guitar-learning needs. If you're here for a short answer and don't want to read the whole Guitar Tricks review: It's good. Really good! 

In fact, after trying out nearly all guitar lessons on the market, I think Guitar Tricks offer the most value for money. More about that later.

Guitar Tricks Review Verdict:

Founded in 1998, Guitar Tricks is considered to be the leading self-learning platform for guitar players all around the world. Besides having thousands of video lessons available, players are able to book 1 on 1 session with an instructor for extra help.


1 on 1 coaching

Wide array of video lessons and high quality content

Easy to use


Personal coaching not included in the price

Many song lessons missing


Personal coaching not included in the price

Many song lessons missing

Are Online Guitar Lessons Effective?

More and more people are signing up for online courses and you can find lessons on any topic you can think of. Music industry is no different. Online guitar lessons are getting a lot of traction and while nothing can completely replace the real music school, online courses come pretty close.

Man with long guitar playing electric guitar in bedroom

Guitartricks is a well-known platform that doesn't only offer video lessons, but 1 on 1 sessions as well. This is a pretty unique feature and a lot of their competitors have yet to copy it.

I just completed my Fender Review a few days ago and had no idea why people prefer Guitar Tricks. That's when I decided to try it out and compare. Needless to say, Guitar Tricks stole my heart and the reasons for that are listed below.


You can go for their monthly option ($19.95) or an annual plan ($179.99). Annual plans are always cheaper in comparison to monthly payments, but you must be motivated enough to keep learning for 12 months.

Guitar Tricks pricing table taken from their official website

Looking at their pricing, Guitar Tricks isn't the most affordable guitar course on the market. There are quite a few cheaper options, but Guitar Tricks give most value for money.

Comes With a Free Trial

If you didn't know yet, they offer a free trial and I'll leave the link below if you want to sign up.

Guitar tricks" website snapshot - the easy, fast and fun way to learn guitar

Refund Policy

Guitartricks offers 60-day money back guarantee. You can read more about their refund policy on this link.

When you want your subscription to stop, you can cancel it any time and won't be billed again.

After you cancel your subscription, you still have access to all content until the end of your billing cycle.

Ease Of Use

When you take a look at their website, the first thing you notice is how simple it looks.

Guitar Tricks' is very organized and their website clearly shows what they have to offer without being too pushy or salesy. I just wish they would display pricing options on the home page without having to make an account first.

What's Inside

Let's take a quick glance inside the members' area. You will see a wide array of lessons and tools you can use while practicing.

Guitar Tricks - members" area content (screenshot of their website)

Guitar Genres You Can Learn

There is a wide array of genres and styles you can learn - acoustic, jazz, classical, bluegrass, rock, blues, metal, surf, rockabilly and world.

In each genre, there are categories like popular hits, songs for beginners and more.

You might find the same songs in different genres because many of them share similarities.

Of course, not all genres are equally filled with lessons. I suggest taking a look at Jamplay, if you're interested in a genre that Guitar Tricks doesn't represent well. Missing lessons and techniques, however, can appear in other sections and you might need to do some digging to find those.

I love the fact that Guitar Tricks offers such a big inventory of lessons for many genres. You have total freedom to pick any genre you like and start learning it on the first day.

Toolbox and Online Tools

By signing up you get access to different tools and a collection of video lessons. I won't even try to sell you on how good those are because your success depends on the work you put in.

Guitar Tricks offers a variety of online tools to help you learn guitar

Above you can see a few examples of what's included in the Toolbox. Scale finder, Jam station, Metronome, Chord finder, Fretboard trainer, you name it. All accessible with a single subscription!

While I find Guitar Tricks way better than its competitors, you still have to work hard, watch video lessons every day and practice. They help you lay a solid foundation and allow you to practice on your own schedule. They can't, however, promise that you will master guitar in 30 days. How well you utilize their tools is up to you.


They offer students access to the community where they can ask questions, post their concerns or make new friends perhaps. This is rare to see on the guitar lessons market and not many alternatives offer this feature.

Video Player

You get a video player for each lesson and are able to adjust the quality. You can't actually download their videos, but the quality adjustment feature comes in handy for people with a slow internet connection.

how guitar tricks" video interface looks and functions 2019

I love their attention to details. You are even able to loop specific parts of video and adjust the playback speed to easily follow the instructions. Slowing down videos is a really useful feature that prevents you missing important parts and small details.

Guitar tricks video player with quality picker and playback control

If you ever tried learning guitar by watching Youtube videos, you know how difficult it can be to follow along.

Every guitar player knows how important it is to get the hand coordination down and make both hands work independently.

Unless you can clearly see what both hands are supposed to do, you can't really learn the right way. That's why Guitar Tricks' video lessons include 2 angles - one camera on right, one on left hand - presented at the same time. Their production value is really on point considering how many lessons they had to film.

TAB/Notation Included

Next to the player, you will also find TAB/notations that automatically scroll along with the video for a seamless playing experience.

Some lessons are split in multiple parts so students can take time to process what they learned and practice in between.

Every song lesson also has lyrics included, in case you want to sing along.

Song lessons with lyrics right next to the lesson information

Can Even Advanced Players Use Guitar Tricks?

If you already play guitar for some time, there's no need to worry about being too good to use Guitar Tricks. They have lessons for all levels and even the most skilled players can take advantage of the course. Guitar Tricks divided their guitar lessons in 2 sections - lessons for beginners and lessons for experienced players.

Guitar lessons categorized by skill level and experience 2019

Beginner Lessons

The section for beginners focuses on laying a good foundation. Knowing how to tune a guitar and playing basic chords are examples of things every player should know.

Experienced Lessons

Experienced lessons, on the other hand, help you further develop your skills and go more in-depth on elaborate styles of playing. Advanced players can explore more genres in this section; blues, country or rock.

1 On 1 Coaching

There is also 1 on 1 coaching which is more suitable for advanced players than it is for beginners. This option is not included in your monthly fee and there is additional cost when you book a consultation. That makes sense - if 1 on 1 sessions were free, everyone would want one and there would be a long wait list.

Categorized By Difficulty

Lessons are labeled by difficulty with small guitar badges - 1 guitar badge being the easiest and 5 guitars badges the most difficult.

Guitar-Tricks Mobile App (for iOS and Android)

Not everybody owns a laptop/PC and Guitartricks team know that. You can get access to all content and the core learning system from your mobile device. You can also pay for the subscription right in the mobile application. And, there is no extra cost for using the app, it's all included in the price.

Guitar Lessons android app by Guitar Tricks (available on Google Play)

Guitar Tricks Alternatives

Even though Guitar Tricks offers the most value for your money, I will list some alternatives worth taking a look at.

Fender Play

I recently published a review of Fender Play and said it's a good choice for beginners and players on a tight budget. It doesn't offer 1 on 1 consultations and isn't a good choice for advanced players. You can sign up for a free trial and see how you feel about it.

Is Guitar Tricks Better Than Fender Play?

One main benefit of using Fender Play instead of Guitar Tricks is their bonus perks. You can get 10% off Fender gear if you have an active Play subscription. This is a big selling point and surely helps Fender get more people to sign up for their lessons.

If you aren't looking for a new guitar, there's not much Fender can do to become a better choice for you than Guitar Tricks.


If 1 on 1 sessions are important to you, check out Jamplay. They offer weekly live guitar courses and you can receive feedback from mentors. The course structure is a bit different, so I suggest you check it out for yourself if you have any doubts about GuitarTricks.

Which is better, Guitar Tricks or Jamplay?

Jamplay is the best choice for advanced players. It has more choices in general and more advanced lessons. You can learn more about Jamplay vs Guitar Tricks here.

Guitar Gate

This is a good platform for players wanting to receive direct feedback from instructors. I'm not sure how good the platform is, haven't had a chance to try it out yet.

Is Guitar Tricks Worth It?

It's a really good platform to help you learn guitar the easy way. But I want to emphasize how important your dedication is. Learning guitar takes a lot of practice and there are no shortcuts. Nobody can promise you'll get good results, the best they can do is offer you good tools to help you on your journey. The rest is up to you.

Guitar Tricks' customer service is great, and they're always there to help you resolve any issues you might have.

How Much Time Will It Take To Learn Guitar With Guitar Tricks Course?

There are a lot of variables involved and only you can answer this question for yourself. It depends how often you practice and how dedicated you are. You can learn the basic chords in a few months. Don't expect to reach the advanced level in less than a year or so. Your playing technique will get better with time and how fast it will evolve is up to you.

Results may vary so don't let the statement above depress you. The best time to start learning guitar was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

If you start learning today and expect to get incredibly good in that time, learning guitar is maybe not your thing. You really have to be passionate about it and don't mind hours of daily practice.

Just wanted to let you know how it works so you don't sign up for Guitar Tricks expecting a 30-day miracle.


Guitar Tricks is not the cheapest online guitar course, but certainly is more affordable than traditional music schools. Their video player is great and I found my learning more efficient. I was able to loop certain parts of video, play along slowly and had tabs open at the same time.

This course is the best for beginners, but advanced players have a lot to learn as well.

They don't have lessons for every song you can think of, but I'm sure they're working on it and adding new songs every week.


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