Fender Play Review ~~ Is It Worth YOUR Money? (Fender Guitar Lessons)

Read our full Fender Play review. Fender Play made a tool to learn guitar, and Fender Play is offering membership. If you want to learn to play guitar, find my detailed Fender Play review and read if you should get Fender Play membership or get other lessons (links below).


While I think Fender Play offers good guitar lessons, they have some issues and it isn't the only platform to learn to play guitar easily. Check out my Fender Play review and compare Fender Play with the most popular guitar learning platform - Guitar Tricks.

Winner in red.

Guitar Tricks goes the extra mile in almost every aspect. If you follow their program, instead of using Fender Play (like I suggest in my full Fender Play review), you will get more videos, more songs to learn, and can learn right up to the advanced level.

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Is It Worth It?

What's my conclusion of Fender Play review? Is Fender Play worth your money? 

NO! Here's why:

I know you're here for Fender Play review, and I could even get paid for promoting my Fender Play review, but I won't lie to you - while I found Fender Play to be quite useful, because of how disciplined and well-organized it was, I think it's MUCH better to go with the Guitar Tricks program.

Fender Play review: Fender Play is good for beginners, but when you get to know the basics, you have to switch to Guitar Tricks anyway, as their lessons are way, way better, and advanced players can improve their skills faster on that platform. 

The winner in this Fender Play review is clearly not Fender Play, but Guitar Tricks. Click the button below to grab your FREE trial and see what the hype is all about.

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