Fender Play Review ~~ How Great Is This Online Platform (2019 Update)

This Fender Play review covers everything to know about Fender Play. Learning guitar? Read my Fender Play review! See the Fender Play review below.

Fender Play Review ~~ How Great Is This Online Platform (2019 Update)

Fender Play Review - Is It Worth It?

If the thought of learning guitar comfortably from your home excites you, read my Fender Play review. Fender Play is growing into a great platform and has easy-to-follow online guitar lessons. They also add new songs to learn daily. 

How much does it cost? Not much, but don't sign up expecting direct feedback or 1 on 1 guitar lessons from the teachers. More about that later in this Fender Play review.



Learn on your own schedule

Track progress

Variety of songs to learn

Bonus perks



Lack of personalized advice

Requires discipline and consistency

Fender Play Review - Growing Platform, Great Online Lessons

In the last few years, people started leaning more towards online music courses and forgetting about traditional schools. But how can you learn to play guitar, bass or ukulele with Fender Play alone? Is this online program great for beginners? Find out in my Fender Play review.

Below you will find a brief review and more info about Fender Play online guitar lessons and platform in general.

Keep reading the Fender Play review to learn more; how much does it cost and is it worth it?

Fender Play Review - How Much Does It Cost and Is It Worth It

Fender Play is an online course portal where you can learn to play instruments by watching video lessons. It costs $9.99 per month and comes with a free trial. It's best for beginners and guitar players who are just starting out. 


The most important thing to note in this Fender Play review is that Fender targets absolute beginners and guitar players with little experience. If you already play guitar and know dozens of chords & songs, great, but Fender Play might not be the right choice for you in 2019.

Their online guitar lessons are great for everybody with little experience and those who want to start learning guitar online.

Is Fender Play The Right Choice For You?

Your discipline plays a major role, not just with Fender Play platform, but with any online guitar course. It's up to you how fast you will progress and learn to play guitar. 

Their online guitar and bass lessons can keep you busy all day long, it's up to you to stay consistent and keep learning and master all tricks.

In traditional schools you would get assignments, something to learn at home and show the results next time, but also a personal mentor.

How Great Are Fender Play Guitar Lessons?

Fender Play indicates that it's pretty easy to learn guitar or bass online. The platform features video lessons made by a variety of teachers, but you can't actually talk to them. There are also alternatives I'll review later, such as JamPlay and Guitar Gate. I'm sure we'll see more great online platforms offering student-to-teacher interactions soon.

As you see in this Fender Play review, there are a lot of things that make Fender Play program a better solution than traditional schools. The ability to practice guitar online, and on your own schedule alone is worth it. You can also learn any song you want, whereas traditional schools pick learning material on your behalf.

See the review of Fender Play online video lessons below.

Ease Of Use

Although every great online guitar course or program has its own problems, such as the inability to receive personalized advice, perks outweigh the downsides here. With access to Fender Play program, you will get a step-by-step learning path that's easy to follow and doesn't cost much.

Select the instrument you want to learn (acoustic or electric guitar, or bass), then pick a genre. If you make a mistake here or change your mind later, you can switch path any time. Beginners might be confused with the options at first, though, but get used to it fast.

Needless to say, Fender Play online lessons are organized by type and difficulty levels. Every lesson has its own video instructions and list of tools, but also guitar tabs for specific lessons. 

You can pick from a wide array of tracks at Fender Play, which are also labeled by difficulty level and instrument type. New songs are being added weekly, so there's no chance you learn them all.

This is what makes Fender Play great. Pick any instrument (bass guitar or acoustic/electric guitar) and song you like. You can learn it within a few days or weeks. The online lessons are simple enough for beginners to understand.

What I Like

Fender Play review: Fender Play program is a great self-learning platform and it takes a lot of dedication to succeed. Tracking progress can be a source of motivation, will help you stay consistent to reach your goals and Fender knows that. That's why they implemented a feature that helps you track your progress when learning guitar online.

What Fender Play Access Gives You

As a Fender Play student you can get 10% off Fender gear. This is really great, if you want to grab some new tools or even a new guitar. Needless to say, you can't just grab a free trial today and use the bonus discount in 3 months.

Alternatives and other online guitar courses

Back in 2017, Fender Play program was the best online platforms for learning guitar. It's still popular, but there are quite a few great options on the market in 2019.


This is a great alternative which also offers piano and voice lessons online. It might be a great choice if you want to learn more instruments later on.


Jamplay is a decent platform to receive lessons from artists and professors. They also offer live guitar online courses every week.

They know how important student-professor interaction is, that's why you can take quizzes and record yourself to receive teachers' reviews.

Guitar Tricks

Another note-worthy online learning platform for guitar. On their site you can pick from a variety of iconic songs and learn different guitar styles (jazz, country, blues, etc). The main advantage of this website is that you can get a free trial without entering your credit card information. Some online lessons also have more depth so make sure to read this Guitar Tricks review to learn more.

​Guitar Gate

There you can learn from a professional guitar instructor and receive direct feedback. This is perfect if you want to make your online learning process more personalized.

I have seen a lot of people recommending Guitar Tricks over Fender Play program and here's the main reason why. You're able to get a free trial at Guitar Tricks by signing up with your email address. That's not possible with Fender Play online platform and they require billing info.

A lot of people also like Guitar Tricks' lessons better. This is a personal preference and you can't be really sure until you try both. For bass guitar, though, I prefer Fender Play platform.

If you're a guitar junky, I suggest signing up for both and going over the topics they cover and guitar lessons they have. Then you can be absolutely confident and pick the right one for your taste. Voice Sinc also have a similar opinion.

How Much Does It Cost?

Fender Play online program is $9.99 per month. They offer a free trial but you are required to sign up with your credit card to gain the insider access. 

Is It Worth It?

If you are motivated and won't give up after 2 weeks of learning guitar online, then go for it. If you expect to receive personalized advice and have lots of questions, Fender Play platform might not be the right choice for you.

After reading Fender Play review on other websites, I noticed that a lot of people recommend Guitar Tricks program for beginners instead (2019 update). Their argument is that Fender should rather make guitars and physical products instead of courses, and I agree to a certain degree.

I watched some of their online video lessons and I can't see the reason some people prefer Guitar Tricks over Fender Play platform. Sure, you might not get lessons from industry professionals, but still... It's obvious that people who got hired for Fender Play are experienced and have the knowledge.

Unlike Fender Play platform, where you have to enter your credit card information to sign up and become the guitar junky, Guitar Tricks requires only your email. This isn't a big deal for most people and Fender Play won't run out of business because of that, but I suggest you try both guitar lessons (both suitable for beginners) and see which you prefer

Fender Play offers a 30-Day free trial, so you can sign up for free and try the membership in any case. If you don't like the platform, try out Guitar Tricks (also free) and compare your experience. You can then pick one and stick with it.

How to cancel? You can cancel your Fender Play subscription any time during the free trial period and you won't be charged. Fender Play online guitar lessons are great for beginners and not so much of a good business for advanced players, at least in my opinion. It does have a lot of songs, tricks and options, I just wish they would update their song inventory and add lessons for trending music. There is a lot of content, though, so you can still learn every day and not run out of lessons soon. 

No matter what kind of guitars you like, Fender Play platform should satisfy your needs. If you need even more info, you can take a look at Voice Sinc, Guitar Fella, Business Insider or Guitar Junky website. If you have any questions regarding Fender Play review, email us: media@indiehq.com.


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