​In this post we've featured this model as one of the best guitars you can buy, without spending a fortune. This might ​actually be the best entry-level guitar ​in general. Go ahead. Ask any professional guitarist out there and I bet 70% of them will recommend th​is model.

fender fa100

​This model is getting more and more popular among beginners and now it's time to find out why.

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​About ​the brand

​Fender's goal with this guitar

Fender is established as one of the best guitar brands with competitive prices and their high quality guitars. There's no doubt about that. ​It was created specifically for beginners, who want to learn their first guitar songs on a great piece of instrument, which they can keep for a long time.

This is actually one of the most recommended guitars for beginners, and even though the sound quality can't compare to high-end models, beginners won't notice the difference.

fender fa 100 review


​The sound on ​this guitar is pretty decent and perfect for beginners. Of course, it can't compare to more expensive Martin guitars or any other high-end models, but it definitely is a great start. I would describe it as "simple", which is what this guitar is all about. Simple sound to match its simple look.

The overall sound is very crisp​, clear and very pleasant to hear. ​It has plenty of dynamics, thanks to the dreadnough shape.
​Beginners will certainly enjoy the sound projection, and pro​fessional players, on the other hand, will think it's pretty great too, considering the price.


​Classic Fender look

​First of all, it's a guitar with dreadnough body shape, the same shape you see in most acoustic guitars anyway.

Because of it, the sound projection is pretty good and will sure impress every beginner out there.

fender fa

​What wood is the neck made from?

what wood is the neck made from?

​It is made out of a glossy C-shaped maple, which is nice for hands, but also cost-effective and something we see in a lot of guitars.

​What top wood does it use?

The guitar is made of laminated spruce on top and it also features quartersawn X-bracing.

​​They used basswood on the back and sides​ and that was mainly to keep the cost down and keep it beginner-friendly. Basswood is actually used in many electric guitars as well and musicians just love it! Because of it, guitar can sound warm and ​pleasant to the ears. 

The bridge is, of course, rosewood with a compensated bone saddle​ and the body is covered in glossy​, clean paint, which gives ​this guitar a really nice premium ​look.

While other guitar brands experiment with different type of designs, this brand ​just sticks with their classic, old-school look. It seems to work very well for them.

​This model comes in different colors, which is always good. If you order it in package, it comes with a nice bag, extra strings, clip-on tuner, strap and a couple of picks. I always appreciate brands ​that sell packages like this one, that way you don't have to buy everything seperately.

​​Overall, it is pretty comfortable so you're bound to keep playing for a long time.

The best part? ​They ​actually include a gig bag, which also has a special pocket, where you can place your accessories and never lost them (hopefully).


  • ​Affordable
  • Perfect size
  • Nice design


  • ​Tuning requires some adjustment
  • Visible glue spots


​People say that ​it's a great budget-friendly ​guitar, and I like to think that way too. It definitely isn't the best guitar on the market, but sure is one of the best options in this price range.

​Every beginner​ will be very lucky to own this ​beauty​, as it is a great starting point for everybody entering the guitar world!

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