Whether you just started playing guitar, ​ are a collector, have been an avid player for years, there is a good chance that you have heard of the Gibson name.

Well, Epiphone is ​actually a subsidiary of Gibson and they are just as well known.

​Right below the image you will find our list of 7 things we love about ​the Epiphone Hummingbird Pro guitar.

​Our Rating

​When Epiphone puts out a new guitar on the market, you can always trust that they are going to release something iconic that is packed with tons of amazing features. And, it will be completely affordable for the average player. ​

​7 Things We Absolutely Love About It

  1. ​Sound is worth more than ​you're paying for
  2. ​The ability to ​record your sessions and ​amplify its sound
  3. Versatile playing options
  4. Looks great ​
  5. Affordable
  6. ​Protected from pick damage (it has a pickup guard)
  7. It is completely laminated

​We already talked about this guitar in our best acoustic guitars comparison, but now let's get more in-depth.

Below, you will learn what it is that makes the Epiphone Hummingbird Pro so special.

​Electro-Acoustic Design - Who Doesn't Love Th​at?

The first thing you need to known about the Hummingbird is that it is an electro- acoustic ​model. This means that you are going to get the great sound of an acoustic guitar coupled with electric capabilities.

When you combine this will the steel-strings, you are truly looking at one acoustic guitar that is capable of producing an outstanding sound.

In fact, this guitar is almost an exact replica of the steel-string acoustic that Gibson made famous years ago.

Some of the most well known artists utilized that guitar. Everyone from Keith Richards to Sheryl Crow was seen carting that guitar around.

A Look At The Body And Neck

The body shape of this guitar really needs no introduction, as it is extremely standard, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t look beautiful.

The body still holds true to that 1960s acoustic guitar design, which consists of a dreadnought body coupled with square shoulders and a heavily decorated tortoiseshell pick guard. 

When you look at this guitar the first thing you are going to think of is vintage and it really shines through.

The spruce top with laminated mahogany on the front, back, and side of the guitar really only contribute to the overall elegance of this beautifully crafted instrument.

  • Most particular models will come available with a well-crafted Faded Cherry Burst finish, but there is another model out there floating around. Although, it might be harder to find, users can opt for an equally beautiful all black color scheme.
  • The guitar features an extremely well built mahogany neck that utilizes Epiphone’s ultra popular SlimTaper D-shaped profile that they have become so well known for over the years. With a twenty-fret rosewood neck, players have the option of playing a variety of scales and notes.
  • ​Another feature that really shows off the classic Hummingbird trademark are the pearloid parallelogram inlays. 

​All of these features not only enhance the beauty and integrity of this beautiful instrument, but they make it a true joy to play.

Exploring The Hardware Of ​Hummingbird Pro

As you already learned, this is an electro-acoustic guitar, so it truly comes packed with some high-end electronics.

You can literally plug right into an amp and play in front of a live stadium-sized crowd.

​Installed in this guitar you will find a Shadow ePerformer preamp and a NanoFlex under saddle pickup. 

In addition to this, the guitar comes equipped with a really unique battery system.

The battery system really allows you to customize your playing experience, as you can adjust the master volume, bass, and treble controls. It also offer a mute button coupled with a dynamics control slider.

Unfortunately, there is no built-in tuner, but this really doesn’t hurt the overall quality and beauty of this instrument. 

As far as the bridge goes, the guitar features a rosewood bridge. 

Some of the other notable hardware that has to be mentioned is the compensated imitation bone saddle, adjustable truss, and light strings.

​Finally, located at the top of the guitar neck, you will find the Grover tuners that offer a gear ratio of fourteen to one. This not only offers quality for extended periods of tuning, but it makes tuning quicker and easier.


  • High quality Grover tuner with 14:1 ratio
  • Electro-acoustic design allows you to play through an amp
  • Shadow ePerformer preamp with a NanoFlex under saddle pickup
  • Available in solid black or a beautiful faded cherry burst finish
  • Twenty frets over versatile palying options
  • Completely laminated to offer more protection
  • Pickup guard protects the body from pick damage


  • Body isn’t cutout, so you can’t reach all the frets
  • Doesn’t comes with a built-in tuner

​Overall Assessment

Gibson and Epiphone are both well-known manufactures that have become extremely recognized for their innovative and quality designs.

And, all of this is pretty evident in the design of the Epiphone Hummingbird Pro.

Although, this guitar does give off the vintage look, it really comes packed with some of the most state of the art features that cannot be overlooked by any player.


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