Breedlove Oregon Concert CE Review

This is truly a high-end guitar. If you are looking for an amazing playing experience there’s nothing that Breedlove’s Oregon Concert CE won’t do for you.

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Breedlove Oregon Concert CE Review Verdict

It has a complex sound and has a great roaring sound which is surprising coming from a concert guitar. This is just one in the impressive line that is the Oregon Series that Breedlove has released celebrating its 25th anniversary.

Their series boasts American grown Cedar as a top wood and a luxurious design with only 200 guitars being made when the thing came out! The best part of this guitar is the comfortable playability and beautiful design. Breedlove prides itself on its American made guitars and excellent craftsmanship.

+ I Like

- I Don't Like

Beautiful sound

Has electronics

Luxurious design

Not suitable for beginners

- I Don't Like

Not suitable for beginners


It’s great looking, so what? It means nothing if it doesn’t sound as good as it looks. Well, you’re in luck for a double threat of a guitar. The sounds on this guitar are deep, which allows for complex overtones. It creates high balanced and full-bodied tones that can carry any song. 

It has a great range as well, though as a concert guitar it won’t be a booming sound that you wouldn’t from, for example, the dreadnought from the same series.

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You can still achieve a great sound, though, as it has a preamp pick up in it as well. It has great hardware for the pick up, which is great for recording a polished a clear sound. The guitar has impressive articulation and projection, with or without an amp.

It is more for intermediate or professional players that rely on fingerpicking or Flatpicking, like in classical music. But don’t get me wrong. It would hold well in any country and any kind of music that relies on strong strumming and good intonation.

Look and Feel

Something that makes this a stand out is the striking look to it. The Oregon Concert CE has a beautiful look because of their Solid Cedar top wood with a whiskey burst finish. It has a more compact design which lends itself well to flatpickers or fingerpicking styles. The concert body makes for a comfortable playing experience, and the finish all over has a smooth feel to it. The body has the classic figure-eight look to it that creates a perfect place to rest on your knee.

Its slim neck and low profile are perfect for quick fingerpicking stylings, and the cutaway allows for easy access to the guitar’s higher registers. The tuners are made from a Breedlove’s satin gold. It also comes with a hardshell case! They inlaid a “25” right into the fretboard as a nod to their 25th-anniversary celebration. Breedlove has great attention to detail when it comes to great-looking guitars.


The materials are what make this brand and this guitar a winner. Breedlove is proud of making every guitar in the USA, and their Oregon Series includes solid Myrtlewood for the back and sides.

Myrtlewood is very special because it is a hardwood that is very sturdy. Breedlove was the first large scale guitar brand to incorporate Myrtlewood into their guitars. Myrtlewood is great for creating complex overtones and reverberates really well.

With every strum, there’s a beautiful vibration that goes throughout the entire body and a lot of that has to do with the Myrtlewood.

As said before it’s made with solid Oregon Port Orford Cedar is the top wood. The fretboard is solid ebony which is atop the solid Eastern Hard Rock Maple neck.

The wood types in this guitar are very hardy, carry sounds well, and work perfectly together to create a well-balanced sound. Everything this guitar is high quality and has an impressive construction which makes this a sturdy guitar that will stand the test of time.

breedlove oregon concert ce guitar on a white background

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This guitar looks great, sounds great and feels great to play. This small-bodied piece is wonderful for any fingerpicking stylings and boasts a versatile range. Being made from Breedlove for the 25th Anniversary makes this guitar an instant collectible amongst guitar owners.

Though it isn't for beginners, it’s one to be appreciated by all. It has an appealing playability that you can’t find anywhere else.

Not many people were looking to Myrtlewood for making their guitars, but we all have our eyes on this amazing wood and its unique tonal qualities because of the Oregon Concert CE. It’s important to remember that on top of all of this, it is an acoustic-electric! Having that option takes it from the studio to the stage and back again.

If there’s anything to take away from this model, it’s that materials, innovative craftsmanship, and a well-polished design are the perfect recipe for a perfect guitar.

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