​I get excited just by hearing the name Taylor guitars. I've personally played on one of their premium guitars and it sounded absolutely phenomenal. Previously, we have picked Big Baby as one of our top rated guitars to buy in 2018. You can read that post here.

​But how well does Big Baby Taylor compare to their premium models? Let's find out!

big baby taylor review

​Our Rating

This model is a bit smaller then the rest of Taylor's models, and that's exactly what makes this guitar very compact and perfect ​to travel with. But its size is also good for other things, which I will talk about later.


​It is very attractive, but also matches its look with sound. This model excells at both! Let's hear how it sounds.

​It has the ​classic small guitar sound. Don't be mistaken here, that's not a bad thing, as Big Baby's body shape ​gives this guitar a ​nice projection, plenty of resonance and sustain.

In general, it is not as good as the other full-sized Taylor's dreanought guitars, but the tone on this model is still very powerful.


Guitar-makers always need to pick the material very carefully. It's literally one of the most important guitar parts. It affects sound, looks (obviously) and weight. 

For this model, Taylor picked Tonewoods, which is getting more and more popular choice for guitar brands. Now, some of you might start worrying about humidity and temperature sensitivity, but worry no more! This guitar is layered with wood as well and now you can put all of your worries aside.

Taylor Big Baby guitar is easy to learn and play on, is very comfortable and stays in tune for longer periods of time.

Seems like they just nailed this one!

​Solid Sitka spruce top, ​layered sapele back ​& sides and its nice neck profile are bound to impress even the best guitarists in the world.

The solid Sitka spruce top gives this guitar top-shelf tone​. On the other side, you don't have to worry about climate changes affecting your guitar​ - Taylor used layered sapele for this model, the material which is very resilient against these potential weather-problems.


​Big Baby is just a bit smaller than the normal-sized Taylor dreadnought models. Its size makes it perfect ​to carry around and travel with, but is ​of course still a normal guitar and a trusty performer.

​It's available in natural finish, which offers nice touch, good looks and extra protection.

Comparison With Other Models

Baby Taylor vs​ Little Martin

​I've seen a lot of people asking and wondering which guitar is better - Baby Taylor vs Little Martin. After reading tons of feedbacks from owners, I came to the conclusion - If you have to pick one, the safest bet is Little Martin. It just sounds better, plus they did a better job on the construction.

Nevertheless, they still both do a very great job and it's more of a personal choice here.

​Final Words

​Although this guitar seems like the best option for travellers, it shouldn't be limited just to that. It is a great ​model afterall and can be used as your main ​​​guitar. It packs a nice and clear sound & doesn't break the bank. What else could you ask for?


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