Best Metronomes For Guitar ~~ Buying Guide and Reviews 2019

Looking for the best metronomes for guitar? See our guide and find the best metronomes for guitar.

There are different things you might need if you can play guitar (like pedals, tuner, etc), but best metronomes for guitar can certainly be the most important accessories. There are many metronomes on the market, but most guitar players go for brands like Korg or Wittner. These two make the best metronomes for guitar and can help you count beats, practice guitar and stay in tempo. It is important to pick a device that makes a good "click" sound, so it won't disturb your music sessions. 

I'm a real critic when it comes to buying guitar device and music accessories, so you can expect to find the best information here. Let's explore some of the best metronomes for guitar in 2019, basic and innovative models. We reviewed and compared different choices to help you pick the right metronome for your sound. No matter what kind of guitar player you are, you can find your next metronome here. Find the buying guide and metronome reviews below.

1. Kliq MetroPitch

This is the most versatile metronome your guitar could possibly ask for. It's digital and packs a lot of features that mechanical metronomes lack. Not only will this device improve your timing and music tempo, but it also comes with tuner and tone generator. It's the best choice for "digital people" that prefer features over design.

There is one downside, though. If you plan to practice in noisy conditions, this metronome might not be loud enough for you.

The Kliq MetroPitch has a range of 250-300 beats per minute.

2. Wittner 845111KA

This metronome has the classic design you might be familiar with already. It doesn't have the same features as the model above but it can make up for it with accuracy and decorative value. 

Besides that, the Wittner 845111KA is made in Germany, so you can expect it to be innovative and high quality.

3. Seiko SQ50V

This is actually one of the first, but best metronomes for guitar I ever bought. If you need a simple device to count beats and help you stay in tempo, this can be the one! It might not impress everybody as it lacks extra features, but it does the job. The SQ50V metronome doesn't cost a fortune and that's a big plus! It's can be loud too, and can perform well with acoustic and electric guitar! 

You can click the button below to check price.

That's it! Though there are many best metronomes for guitar you can pick from, listing 6 or even 10 models here would only confuse you. If you want the extra features like better sound, acoustic tuner and tone generator, then you can go for one digital metronome device. In case you only need one device to track tempo and help you practice acoustic music or play your acoustic guitar, mechanical metronomes can be a good choice because of their acoustic sound. 

At the end of the day, it's all up to you. What do YOU want? If you want fancy features and acoustic sound, then you can pick the best metronomes for guitar. Same goes for buying pedals. Analog pedals are good, but if you need the extra functions, digital models might be better. So, analog pedals in that case can compare to mechanical metronomes and I would describe both as "traditional" device. Most of the times, analog and mechanical device has a better acoustic tone and sound, but also looks better. If you play an acoustic guitar or acoustic music, you don't even have to worry about sound and loudness. 

Again, there are just three best metronomes for guitar reviewed above and we compared them to help you pick the right one. If you play acoustic guitar, you might want to check out some other accessories too, especially pedals, but you really need to take a look at best metronomes reviewed above. Those will help you so much, and if you're serious about sound and acoustic music, you can't ignore them. It's one good practice to read a buying guide before purchasing metronomes for an acoustic guitar. Whether you're buying mechanical or digital metronomes, you have to read reviews first. Then, and only then, you can make the best decision and buy one metronome and sound device that has 5 stars.

As a guitar junky, you need good device, equipment and accessories to get the best sound possible. I hope this one piece of buying guide helped you find the best metronomes for guitar. If you need other equipment, like pedals, accessories, tuner or acoustic guitar, feel free to check out our other articles or you can visit websites like Music Critic, Guitar Fella or Sound Unsound. You can contact us at if you have one or more questions. 

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