Best Humbucker Pickups ~~ Find The BEST Pickups For Guitar (2019 Guide)

Looking for the best Humbucker pickups? You've come to the right place. Find the best Humbucker pickups for you below.

Best humbucker pickups are very popular guitar pickups, especially in the world of modern rock and metal. Read this review to find the best Humbucker pickups for your needs.

Top 7 Humbucker Pickups

EMG 85 Active Guitar Humbucker Pickup

This Humbucker pickup comes with Alnico V magnet-loaded close aperture coils and produces great bass, good mid-range and a treble that's really satisfying.

Even though this is one of the loudest Humbucker pickups, it retains clarity and remains silent when you're not using it.

Overall, the EMG 85 delivers most value for this price and it's well worth the cash.

Gibson '57 Classic Plus Humbucker Pickup

It's time to feature a subtler Humbucker pickup - the Gibson '57 Classic Plus. If you're looking for a rich, vintage tone, this might be the one! This guitar pickup is made with Alnico II magnet, and produces a smooth sound even with high gain.

You can pick from these styles: uncovered (black or zebra) and covered (nickel or gold). The Gibson '57 Humbucker pickup is a bit more expensive, but worth every penny.

Seymour Duncan SHR-1 Hot Rails Strat Bridge Humbucker Pickup

Here comes one of the best Humbucker pickups if you're looking to spend less than $100. It's well suited for people that love their Strat, but would like to get a richer and more powerful sound.

This is one of Seymour Duncan's highest output pickups. It offers great sustain, and the tone is perfect for heavy music, as well as other genres like country, blues and funk. This pickup is available in black or white.

Seymour Duncan SH-13 Dimebucker

The SH-13 is one of the best Humbucker pickups when it comes to metal. It delivers a powerful tone with a deep low-end and clear highs. If you're a fan of metal, impressive solos and pinch harmonics, this is the one.

DiMarzio DP100 Super Distortion Humbucker Pickup

Looking for great distortion? In that case, forget the best Humbucker pickups above as this is the winner here. This pickup is one of the Humbucker pickups with the highest-output. The DP100 Super Distortions is amazing for rhythm and lead, and delivers fat bass, clear highs and boosted mids.

It's an awesome choice for classic rock, metal and everything similar. While the DP100's design isn't special, it is available in a variety of colors like black, white, ping, blue, chrome and even camouflage, and many others.

Seymour Duncan SH-8 Invader

Another great humbucker pickup for distortion. The SH-8 Invader's tone is perfect for the darkest metal, as well as a bit lighter punk rock. This Humbucker pickup performs best when distorted, and likely won't appeal to subtler players.

It's worth mentioning that this pickup is made in California and crafted with 3 large ceramic magnets and overwound coils. While this is an agressive pickup, it remains silent when it comes to hum.

EVH Frankenstein Humbucker

While this pickup might look boring, it delivers the searing tone we all love. The EVH Frankenstein is actually built to the same specifications as the pickup on van Halen's original Frankenstein.

It packs a tight low-end, and shimmer highs and harmonics that easily cut through the mix. This pickup is bright and clear on clean mode, but performs the best when overdriven. It is great for a variety of genres; blues, classic rock, metal, you name it.

Best Humbucker Pickups ~~ Buying Guide 2019

If you're not sure why you even need the top rated single coil pickups, read our buying guide below. We are here to help you find the best humbucker pickups and improve your electric guitar tone with this review.

Active vs Passive

When it comes to buying the best Humbucker pickups, you can pick between active and passive pickup.

Passive guitar pickups are the most popular and used in most genres - classic rock, punk, early metal blues, jazz, etc.

Active pickups, however, are getting more and more popular and top rated among guitar players. These are especially amazing in the heavy rock and modern metal genres, where you want the maximum power and zero hum.

Why Replace Your Pickups

Reason 1: Changing the humbucker pickups is an amazing way to wake up your favourite equipment and gear.

Reason 2: Some electric guitars, especially budget models, come with stock pickups and low quality ones. By changing your pickups, you're on your way to improving your guitar and getting the sound you want.

Disadvantages of Humbucker Pickups

While Humbucker pickups might seem perfect because of their tone and power, they do come with a small drawback.

In particular, even the best humbucker pickups can't offer good brightness or clarity from single-coils, so they aren't the best for musical styles and genres that rely on chime or twang - surf or country music for example.

The Final Word

The best Humbucker pickups mentioned above will improve your guitar's sound, whether you're looking for the perfect metal sound or just want to give your electric guitar a new tone or distortion. 

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