Best budget floor standing speakers: our top picks (2022 edition)

A solid set of floorstanders may rapidly boost your hi-fi system’s performance and offer room-filling sound. Floorstanders, which have bigger cabinets than bookshelf speakers, produce more scale, authority, and bass. However, a larger cabinet does not automatically imply greater sound. You’ll still need to make an informed decision and select the finest floorstanding speakers for your budget and space. Whether you have hundreds or thousands of dollars to spend, we’re confident you’ll find a pair of speakers that suit your needs.

If you’re shopping for your first pair, we have plenty of possibilities. Perhaps you’re starting from scratch with a hi-fi system or upgrading from a bookshelf pair to a larger one. We can also assist you if you just want to blow the dough on a serious high-end pair.

1 – Wharfedale Diamond 12.3

Wharfedale’s Diamond series is a good bet for a good price standmounter, but the company has yet to produce a truly remarkable budget floorstander. Until now, that is.

Because the Diamond 12.3 sounds much better than the well-known 12.1. That’s a lot of praise given the 12.1 are five-star speakers.

The 12.3 aren’t huge speakers, at at 98cm tall, but they benefit from the extra area. They benefit from some inward angling as well, but you don’t have to worry about being millimetre exact because of their broad sound dispersion.

They’re smooth, even-handed, and extremely polished for the money acoustically. If you give them a bad signal, they’ll know how to point out the flaws without yelling about it. Without seeming like they’re suffocating the music, they’ll smooth down rough edges and diminish undesired violence. If you want to pair your turntable with a floorstander without breaking the bank, this is the way to go.

2 – Triangle Borea BR08

There’s no lack of great floorstanding speakers on the market, as you can see from this list, and the Triangle Borea BR08 is another superb pair that provides something unique.

The cabinets appear to be simple at first glance, but upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that they’re robust, well-made, and well-finished. The plinths simply screw on to the bottom for added stability, albeit the included spikes might be sharper to go through thick carpets.

The BR08 is a three-way speaker with two fibreglass-coned bass units, a front-firing reflex port, and a 25mm silk dome tweeter. Because of their great sensitivity, you should be able to produce decent volume levels with even low-powered amps, albeit their nominal 8ohm impedance drops to a 3ohm minimum, so compatibility is still an issue.

Give the Triangles lots of area to breathe (at least 40/50cm in all directions) and slant them in towards the listener to get the optimum sound. Bright-sounding electronics aren’t for us, but find the perfect companions and you’ll be blown away by their engaging sound. They exude a vibrancy and dynamic power that few competitors can match. Definitely worth a tryout.

3 – Wharfedale Evo 4.4

The Evo 4.4 from Wharfedale is so loaded with technology that we had to double-check the pricing. The Air Motion Transformer tweeter is generally only available in much more costly speakers, however it’s included in this model. Not only that, but the dome midrange and dual Kevlar bass drivers set these floorstanders distinct from the competition.

It should come as no surprise that these rather large speakers provide a large-scale, authoritative sound. This is to be expected with speakers of this size. They also provide transparency and subtlety, resulting in a natural, unobtrusive appearance. Which you probably didn’t anticipate.

There’s a strong impression that these speakers are delving deeply into the recording and delivering the results in an open and honest manner. They accurately trace a note’s whole envelope, vividly delineating leading and trailing edges without sounding excessively carved.

Rivals may sound more upfront, and potentially more thrilling as a result, but the Evo 4.4’s more laid-back presentation is more natural and believable over time. It’s the type of sound that appeals over time rather than just during a dealer test. They’re in it for the long haul, like all the finest speakers.

4 – ProAc Response DT8

While not flawless, ProAc’s towers deliver one of the most musically unified performances we’ve heard at this price point. They do a fantastic job with instrumental texture and stereo image. While they may be little in appearance, there’s no disputing their capacity to deliver powerful bass lines.

They have a lot of insight and attack, and their midrange performance is outstanding: voices come through loud and clear, and there’s a lot of transparency on display. The voices never blend in with the musical background, resulting in a cohesive and unique performance.

These speakers have agility, power, and weight in spades.

The odd appearance and usage of logos may not be to everyone’s taste, but we truly dig these speakers. We can’t help but endorse them because they have such a fun sound. They’ll impress if you take a little more care with the system-matching.

5 – Spendor A7

Spendor’s excellent floorstanders sound fantastic, look fantastic, and are small enough to fit into most houses. The top-of-the-line A7 is refined but exciting, continuing the firm’s propensity for mixing remarkable clarity and refinement with tremendously pleasurable dynamics and rhythm.

The degree of detail on display is incredible. Each musical thread and vocal eccentricity is exposed — musicians beware, there is no hiding place. The sound is clear and well-organized, yet it still has enough punch to keep things interesting.

The vocals are particularly noteworthy. They also time with pinpoint accuracy and are incredibly clear, never sounding clinical. They’re still full of emotive melodies and undulating dynamics that will have you nodding your head.

The sleek A7 should make their way to the top of your list if you’re in the market for a pair of top-notch floorstanders.

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