Best AKG headphones: top picks in 2022

For first-time browsers and customers, AKG’s plethora of in-ear, on-ear, wireless, and noise-cancelling headphones might be bewildering. A few of them are rather stunning sonically, but which is the best combination for you? And where do you look for the finest bargains?

We examined a variety of AKG headphones and have selected our top recommendations below to help you get right to the good stuff. Each one comes highly recommended; the only question is which one is right for you.

Whether you’re looking for luxury, studio-quality over-ears or a pair of premium yet portable in-ears, the bargains below should help you save money on the finest AKG headphones.

1 – AKG Y400

The AKG Y400 are now unrivaled if you’re looking for an inexpensive, portable set of active wireless on-ears. These What Hi-Fi Award winners for 2021 don’t feature noise-cancelling or app support, but they do produce a sound that sets a new standard at this price point: spacious, detailed, and perfectly timed sound.

They’re also quite comfy, portable, and well-built, and while being smaller than the company’s prior on-ears (the Y500, below), the Y400 don’t sacrifice sound quality in any way. These incredibly gifted and highly recommendable on-ears are the greatest AKG headphones right now assuming their 20-hour battery life is acceptable.

2 – AKG Y50

They have aluminium ear cups, plush leather ear pads, and dynamic sound on a big scale, plus they excel in aesthetics. It would be enough to set them apart from the competitors if they had thrilling levels of detail and near-flawless balance. The Y50s, however, are truly show stoppers when you consider the sub-£100 price tag, not to mention the portable design.

3 – AKG Y500 Wireless

These amazing wireless headphones are robust and attractive, scoring well in all areas. They’re small enough to fit in a pocket, but they sound expansive, rhythmic, and detailed. The Y500s instantly halt music when you take them off, thanks to a button on the ear cup that links you to your smartphone’s voice assistant. Although the company’s Y400 (above) has surpassed them in terms of functionality, battery life, and controls, the Y500s remain excellent all-rounders.

4 – AKG K92

These rich, detailed over-ear headphones are the answer to your audio prayers if you’re on a budget yet don’t want to sacrifice on sound quality at home. The cushioning is excellent, and the bouncy, self-adjusting headband rests softly and comfortably. They’re great for use with your home hi-fi because they come with a 3m cord and a 6.3mm converter. “AKG has struck gold,” we remarked in our original review, and the luster hasn’t dimmed.

5 – AKG Y50BT

It’s uncommon to find a set of Bluetooth headphones that performs as well as its wired counterparts, but the Y50BTs do. They’re the wireless version of the Y50s, which are now ranked first on our list. They have the dynamic ability to shift between frequencies with ease, which makes them quite entertaining.

The 20-hour battery life is impressive, but if you run out of charge, you can use them with a cable. The icing on top of a reasonably priced cake are intuitive ear cup controls. Overall, these are excellent cord cutters.

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