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Picking The Right Strings For Your Guitar

Strings on your guitar have a major impact on your playing and the sound guitar produces. But, strings get bad after some time and there’s nothing you can do about it, except replacing them.After reading this guide you will have a good understanding of guitar strings and know exactly which ones to purchase for your […]

Martin Drs1 Review

​We have briefly mentioned this guitar in our article about the best acoustic guitars but now let’s take a closer look at it. As we all know, Martin is a phenomenal guitar brand and they offer variety of different high-end guitars. But if you get to know all of their ​models, you’ll notice that they […]

Taylor 114e Review

If you are like most acoustic guitar players, you automatically think about Taylor or Martin when some​one mentions a guitar. These two companies without a doubt stand out for some of their prolific acoustic designs. This model really holds the best of everything that Taylor or Martin could offer in an acoustic guitar. ​Check Price After reading […]

Martin LX1E Review – 7 Things We Absolutely Love About It

Martin LX1E may be nice to have if you​ ​want something that sounds great and is easy to carry around.Right below the image, you will find the 7 things we absolutely love about this guitar, followed by an in-depth review​.This post covers everything you need to know if you’re ​considering buying this guitar.7 Things We […]

Epiphone Hummingbird Pro Review – 7 Things We Love About It

Whether you just started playing guitar, ​ are a collector, have been an avid player for years, there is a good chance that you have heard of the Gibson name.Well, Epiphone is ​actually a subsidiary of Gibson and they are just as well known.​You will find our list of 7 things we love about ​the Epiphone […]

Martin 000-15m Review – 9 Things We Love About This Guitar

You don’t have to be a ukulele player or a blues player to appreciate the true beauty and elegance of an all mahogany design.There is just something about the ​design that gives off such a vintage and elegant appearance. This is just one of things that Martin does extremely well.Below you will find a list […]

Taylor 214ce Review – 7 Things We Love About This Guitar

​The Taylor 214ce Deluxe Grand Auditorium is definitely a great example of what Taylor has ​always been known for  – ​beautifully designed guitars with a very clear​ sound projection.I have to be honest though, it is a bit expensive (don’t worry, I also listed an alternative) but it’s really worth every penny. ​CHECK PRICE NOW […]

Yamaha FG830 Review

​Like mentioned in this ​post, Yamaha’s FG line is one of the oldest and most popular ones amongst all market-wide guitar lines. ​Now it’s time to review the FG830 model.It’s no question that ​Yamaha have improved with each guitar they made and this guitar really excells in all areas.​After reading this review, you should have […]

Martin Drs2 Review

​Let’s be honest. We all want to buy a prestige guitar sooner or later. Maybe not even for a sound, but just for the way it looks. Well, Martin Drs2 is a real deal-breaker here. Now you can get a really nice, premium guitar without paying the price of high-end models. We featured this model on […]